SFV Juri matchups thread



I think it’s 5-5, or possibly Menat favour. Menat can react to stores from fullscreen that Juri usually relies on, so Juri has to make sure all stores are done via blockstrings. Menat can also outrange Juri even in orbless stance, and that’s huge for setting up pressure in her favour.

Juri can EX.Ryo through illegitimate sphere strings, but outside of that it’s business as usual and there isn’t much opportunity to use your tools. Good luck charging v-skill to get through her zoning but she can just st.hp you out of the charge anyway.


What do you do against Abigail? I used to think of him as an easy MU but the more I play against a friend of mine and the more I struggle to beat him in neutral, seems like he outranges Juri by far and getting close to him can be really hard, especially if he sit down using cr.MP


I haven’t really found Abigails giving me troubles yet so I cannot be sure, but my suggestion given the situation would probably be to sit just outside range and try to either get a CC with roundhouse or better go for Fierce OS


pls elaborate


use stand fierce at a range where it will only hit if Abi sticks out a button and buffer a followup in, it the fierce hits you get the followup (MS ryo, Fuha MK release, EX fuha), you you wiff no followup comes out.


any tips for F.A.N.G.?


abuse charged v-skill, play hit and run, contest his jumps.


how do you guys play the urien mu? Fighting decent uriens feels hopeless :sad:


Always AA his gimmick entrances. If he’s using Knee Drop a lot make sure you DP every single one.

You can’t beat St.hp in neutral, so don’t try. Set up a lot of LK.Release to pave a way into his face, and start pressuring if you get in from it. You lose in neutral, so using tools to stop Urien controlling the midrange is key, this MU relies a lot on LK.release as a get-in.

Always keep a v-skill charged, his fireballs are terrible on recovery and you get a free VS even on a slow reaction.

If he’s using headbutt to get in as a gimmick, always punish hard with cr.lp xx HP.DP


I need help against Rashid. Seems like I can’t push buttons or anything and I’m always blocking.



Need some Karin advice


If Karin is walking into space and using st.mk, use cr.mp xx flipkick as a counter-poke.

Keep your neutral peppered with some st.lk xx LP.Pinwheel buffers to deter the Karin from doing shoulder raw in the neutral.

You’ve basically got to hold her st.hk, no consistent counter-pokes. Your best bet is to walkback, force a whiff and then st.mk xx flipkick it.

You can’t contest her st.mk consistently once it’s been blocked, so just walk back and reset the spacing.

Your only buttons capable of contesting her midrange are st.mk and cr.mp, cr.mp is good at counter-poking her options and st.mk can be used once you’ve shut down st.mk.

Use lots of LK.release to shut down her midrange and walk in behind, start stagger pressure via jabs, strong, short etc. Always keep MK.release up to make your st.mk OS buffers stronger, don’t waste it if you can.

Keep the punish game strong, don’t let her do that silly overhead move in neutral, keep your anti-airs on point because her jump-ins are relatively weak and she has no jump arc altering moves to worry about, free DPs all day.

That would be my general advice, what are you having trouble with so I can be more precise?


I’ve been doing better against Karin recently. What Froztey said is true. You have to fight right outside of her st.mk range, but you have to stay active enough so that you don’t eat shoulders, dash ups, and jumps. Your st.mk will lose to hers until you can find a way to make her hesitate. Sometimes I’ll use Karin’s whiffed mediums and heavies as a chance to store LK fireball. Also don’t get cornered, because then the match goes to shit. Throw loops or shimmy into jab reset, and it’s all over.

Also don’t be like me and get hit with dumb shit like her rekka crossup elbow, or full screen overheads. Also don’t bait a DP then punish with a whiffed sweep lol. I still got work to do.


Is it too early to ask on thoughts v Sakura? I feel like they’re just walking on my face


Most of her attacks are unsafe and telegraphed. I try to stay outside of her s.lk range, ready to AA, and vskill charged. Ex.Ryo puts in work in this matchup.