SFV Juri Q&A thread

Post your questions here. Story, weeaboo, and feet fetish q’s are probably best for the general/spiders lair thread though :blush:




Woo Hoo Juri got here own forums. I plan on maining Juri, and making Laura my secondary.

In order to level my SFV Juri, do you guys think I’m better off playing Juri back in SFIV till she comes out in July/August OR keep playing SFV with Laura. I’m not very good with Laura and only reached 2,700 LP.

Somtimes when I go back to SFIV I try to do Laura’s rushdown , and then realize shit im using juri it’s not gonna work lol. I tend to rely on muscle memory too much.

Focus on playing footsies in SFV. Getting yourself caught in SF4’s timing and execution won’t help you play the new Juri, IMO.

I havn’t played SFV at all yet (I’ve been away training since it released). I’ll likely be getting the game in August (hopefully at the same time as Juri’s release.) Any tips for going from IV to V? (Was a Vega player until Super, then Juri all the way.)

Survey says… no. Completely different character from SF4. They overhauled her like they overhauled Dhalsim it seems.

She looks so good. Do we know if F+MK has any meaty combo potential?

Can someone tell me what does Juri say when she activates her V-Trigger?

F+Mk appears to be +0 on hit, thus +2 on counterhit. If the move does in fact have 2 or more active frames, it should be possible to land a combo with a 3F or 4F normal if and only if it hits both meaty and counterhit.\

tl;dr, no.

A cross between

“Here’s my chance!”


“Just like that!”

Not sure. I can’t make it out clearly either.

even though i dont own V yet either, i’ve heard enough SF4 players gettin blown up in SFV by doing these things.
-spamming crouching lights. both jabs and kicks.
-jumping in too much. anti-airs are better in V
-mashing reversals on block. doesnt work anymore.
-cant crouch tech anymore. you gotta stand now.
-backdash has no invicibilty anymore. you cant spam backdash on wake up.

-get use to using your mid and heavy buttons to fish pokes. no focus so those buttons are now useful.
-stick to the ground mostly, dont jump around as much
-block more on your wake up, tech and mash reversals less.
-learn and use your anti-air normals. they work now.
-you have to be really close now to throw now. learn the appropriate spacing for throws. close to nose to nose.
-learn to hit confirm a v trigger from a crush counter.

throw most of what you learned from SF4 out the window.
its better to play SF alpha and practice on that than sf4.
get sf alpha 3 max rom from emuparadise and use the ppsspp emulator…
use mika or karin and learn alpha counters and their normals n stuff.

I need to correct you on these 2 points.

-Jumping in is REALLY good in this game. Due to various factors, AAs are less consistent in beating out jump ins for most characters and they do reduced damage. Add in the truckloads of damage you get from a successful combo and the KD followup in what is a very momentum heavy game, jumping-in is much more frequent in this game than it was SF4.
-Waking up spamming crouching jab is a real option if your character has any kind of reversal.

It took me about a month before I got comfortable playing SFV. The things for me that I had to get used to a lot were:
-Everyone having stubbier normals. The distance where most people fight is now much closer than it was in SF4. You’ll especially feel it since you played Vega and Juri which has nice long pokes and their distances are now reduced. Though in relation to the rest of the SFV cast their ranges are still good.
-The game is very momentum based. It’s not all that uncommon to make 2-3 wrong guesses and then suddenly win/lose on a perfect.
-Get used to playing the frametrap/throw/shimmy game, which most characters will be relying on during their oki game.

yeah now that you say that i forgot there’s no ultras in the game so thats why its more momentum based.
in SF4 you could go ham on the offensive till your opponent gained ultra meter then you would play it safe mid way during every round.

now with no comback mechanic you can stay on the offensive…like in old sf games

Hey can you start a thread for Juri combo’s? I have no idea how to do any links or combos, and cannot find any information anywhere. After hitting somebody with a fireball can juri follow up like she did in SFIV? In SFIV, I did c.mk > low fireball release > c.mk xx h.pinwheel a lot.

We need a thread with basic juri strategy, and how to use her special moves, combos, AA’s, etc. Also need some FSE info.

I’ll think about it. I’ll probably have it up soon

has anyone found anything interesting in the lab on PC?

Please don’t flame this semi-noob question. What’s the point of having Juri store her attacks and the icons next to her V meter? I mean i know how it works for the game, but why store them before you can use them? Would they be overpowered otherwise? What’s the rationale in designing the character that way?

It’s not a noob question.

  1. She had the charge mechanic in SF4
  2. The icons are there to help you remember which one(s) you had stored
  3. In her V-Trigger mode, there is no charging and the moves’ properties change so that a single input will just do the ‘release’ half of the Fuhajin.

I don’t think it would be overpowered if they removed the charge, but they made it that way in V-Trigger mode, so there is an emphasis on how important it is for dealing damage.