SFV Juri Q&A thread



I have a question: Does her charge cancel out fireballs like it did in SF4?


Yes although the timing window is a bit more strict it looks like.


Can you link c.mp after qcf.lk release? how? is it range specific?


Yes you can. And yes it is range specific.
This is how you can achive it


She’d be nuts if you could do them all the time because of the way you can cancel the 3 moves into each other. Imagine if every time she touched you with a jab, you had to block the rh release into lk release which is safe.


Depending on the characters hurtbox Juri’s CA damage varies…

Edit: My bad, OceanSalt is correct.


I’ll repeat myself since I was ignored in the other thread: those tiers doesn’t reflect character hurtboxes but their total health. The damage on a character start scaling down when he/she’s at 50% health (or a little lower, don’t know the exact value), and since 900 HP characters will hit the threshold sooner the damage will scale down more heavily than on characters with higher health.

It would feel odd anyway that the hurtbox of Nash, Guile or Rashid is any different from the one for Ryu or Ken.


uh…remember back when eventhubs had those pics that showed the hitbox & hurtbox of every normal in SF4?
well i just went to eventhubs to see the hitbox/hurtbox of juri’s cr. hp and there’s no pics of the SFv’s normals.
and there’s no frame data either.
then i went to the USF4 section to look at juri’s cr.hp in that game for reference and its been removed too!

anybody got a pic of SFV juri’s cr. hp’s hitbox/hurtbox?
frame data too?

i just wanna know exactly why that move is failing folks with its anti air use. see the difference between it now compared to sf4


Is this frame data still accurate?


No it isn’t. Look at c. lk being +2 on hit. c. lk, s. lp is a link so it’s obviously +3 on hit now. (not +4 though, because c. lk, s. lk does not work). Everything else seems to be accurate though other than that.


so no one has made pics of normals and their hitbox/hurtbox yet?

edit:btw, thx you two for the data info.


Hi there. I’ve got one problem which messes my CC Combos up:
Everytime I hit a crush counter and have to walk forward to hit with st.HP xx qcf+MK my qcf is recognized as SRK and it seems I don’t get the timing/input right to get QCF+MK. I’m pretty sure it’s just because of the forward walk as 6236 input wise gives shoryuken every time. Has anyone here a suggestion to avoid this shortcut? Thanks.


Do hcf.K or 1236K.


Do we have a list of meaties?


Works like a charm with the half circle. Thank you very much.


Safe on block? Her EX qcfk seems to be. Anything else?


Her EX axe kick is -2


stupid question.

can juri still do fuzzy guard j. mp?
if she still can, can she also cancel link j.mp into her kicks?

surprised no one has talked about this yet.


The only fuzzy guard I’m aware of is j.lk so far and Floe found that. I’ll experiment later tonight and see if j.mp could work.


In v-trigger she can do j.lk to j.mk crossup in the corner.