SFV Juri Q&A thread



Yeah this is the one I was mentioning. This should be the vid where he pulls it off.


So how does one beat Guile? Do you just let them win?


The same way you always beat Guile: Bait FK, cross him up for days.


That works on retarded Guile’s, I mean an actual Guile player. Juri can’t anti turtle to save her life.


A couple qcb+lks will keep guile honest. He might not even be able to punish preemptive ones properly depending on whether he has charge or not (You just eat a poke back and that’s it).


The poke being cr.MP xx Flashkick? Or cr.MP xx Boom VTC into boom loops?


I’ve been practicing Juri’s challenge mode. For #9 you have to do c.hp (crush counter), s.mp, v-trigger FSE, c.mk, s.hp, m.trigger, h.trigger. The hardest part I have doing is the c.mk after the v-trigger. I did notice the s.mp needs to hit at a close range or the s.hp will whiff.

I did complete it a couple time, but I am not consistent at all. And why the heck is Juri so much more difficult to use than Laura. I’m not very good at using DP as an AA, which makes it hard for me to use Juri.


Her Senpuusha (pinwheel) change and no more anti air Fuuhajin (her fireballs) with M or H kick :-//////


I think the pinwheel change is fine. I like that is has an anti-air option now. I was kind of meh at first on losing the Fuuhajin fireball options. I really put those to use a lot, especially against slower guys and grapplers. You could very easily zone them out and lame your way to a win. Or if things got kind of hot and I needed some space to regroup, the fireballs were good but, I think the way they changed it gave Juri a lot more focus on what she’s good at, rushing down. They give her far better rush options and help keep you pushing forward. There’s a lot better characters to use if you wanted to play a zone game anyway so, I think the trade off is worth it.


Just low Fuuhajin into an aerial cross up -> crouching LK hit stun -> EX Senpuusha. Or something along those lines


There are setups that lead into instant overhead with lk.Fuhajin into V-trigger. If you’re familiar with sf4, just think of it as an FADC but using all your V-meter.


Has anyone found any kind of use for canceled V Skills? It seems too slow to be good for anything to me.


Yeah I play a lot of USFIV even though a lot of people on here don’t like it i guess


I think we need to talk more about her V reversal cause it’s awful


You’re late to the party :expressionless: It’s not appealing at all.


Yeah I’ve been stuck in USFIV mode lately


Are you all having a hard time to win with Juri or is it just me ?


its not just you. trust me.

i still play Ultra. hit me up. my CFN is also my steam tag.
i also just started to play SFxT. like today.


what am i supposed to do after i do a crush counter cr.hp anti-air?
i mean it launches them up into the air in a crush counter state…i feel like the game is telling me to follow it up with something.
activate fse and try air combo?
what does Capcom want me to do in this situation?


Taunt. :o