SFV Juri Q&A thread



What are juri’s best normals to reliably beat wakeup crouch jabbers?




Pretty much this. If they are one of those crazy types that like to press buttons while waking up from far away then you can CC them with s.HK as well.


Can someone link me to accurate frame data on juri? No stickied thread seemed to have it.






Use your imagination you have a lot of options. But here you have some of them, I hope it help you.

SFV - Juri: CC cr. HP Juggles



@Garu thanks for that vid man. appreciated


Does anyone have the frame data for juri’s VTC’d normals on hit and on block? If anyone has the frames for VTC’d specials that would nice too


Anyone any tips for Hard Survival with Juri?

Want those 7-10 Story Costume colours.


How do you guys cancel pinwheel into super? Is there a trick or am I supposed to just mash it out?


DP xx Super

Just do it as quickly as possible.


yeah, its just a really tight timing. Or not so much tight as it is awkward going from dp forward to double quarter circle backwards. I still have trouble hitting it at times.


light dp into CA works just fine and 1000x easier.


I still don’t understand street fighter mechanics, or something about the frame data just doesn’t make sense to me.

Juri’s s.HP is -5 on block according to the app on my phone. So if I set Ken to recover guard with a s.LP I should get hit even if I immediately block after throwing out a s.HP at the closest range. But I don’t - I only get hit if I continue to attack. So what’s the deal here? Is it really only -2 or -3? I made sure I got the reversal prompt when recording the guard recovery, so it’s definitely coming out on the first available frame.


Get a new app. I use FAT and it lists s.HP as -3 on block which would be correct in your scenario.

That said I doubt any of these apps will have the S2 changes for a while yet.


I’m using FAT too…version 2.2.10. What’s yours at?


That’s the current one. St.hp is listed as -3. I may be so bold as to suggest you could be looking at cr.hp… :wink:


Actually, it’s more embarrassing than that. I was looking at Ibuki data.


I sometimes look at the wrong person’s data too LOL