SFV Juri Q&A thread



can you combo overhead into anything?


Only when the overhead is meaty AND a counter hit.



I’ve also seen people link s.LP into s.MP and s.LP into L. Tensenrin, but I cannot reproduce them in training mode


s.LP to s.MP on counter hit only, s.LP to L. Tensenrin (pinwheel)? it doesn’t need to be counter hit, maybe you’re not doing it fast enough?


EDIT: wrong thread sorry


Trials Vol.2 trial 7 (c.MK->Hfuha->VT->TC->jMP->jHP->Ex Fuha)
I don’t understand why but my Ex Fuha is not hitting the juggle, I’ve tried delaying jHP ever so slightly and delaying EX fuha ever so slightly while advancing
Any tip?

Yeah I learned how to do that link like 20 minutes after xD


Make sure Ryu is landing in the corner. The only thing you have to delay is the EX Fuha. It will look like Ryu is just about to hit the floor.



So if I am blocking a string and I decide I want to get counter hit to get pushed back out of the string and try to wiff punish, such button gives me the most pushback on CH?


I watched that Xian video too lol.

I would like to know this as well. I’m at work right now, will test when i get home later if you can’t figure it out.


What is the QR KD advantage for heavy release?


37 frames, you have to time your active frame at 38 for perfect meaty.

here’s what I use https://toolassisted.github.io/OKI/#JRI/105/51/46/1,0,,0,/1,0,,0,/1,0,,0,/1,0,,0,/1,0,,0,/1,0,,0,/1,0,,0,/