SFV Juri video thread



Don’t know if any of this was discovered already, but I made a quick intro on one of Juri’s options for oki. At the very least I hope it’s a resource for new players to learn from






Options for opponents that want to press buttons during guard/wakeup:


EDIT: This is in the video above, but I found it cool enough to be uploaded on its own.




These videos need move inputs turned on…


You can consistently combo from her overhead if you read that your opponent is gonna mash on wakeup. (this is just one bad example, I haven’t had time to experiment with more useful setups)


More videos like this one.



Juri: Combo after LK Fireballs


This isn’t a natural combo like it was in SFIV. All of these examples start a step or two away from the opponent. Close enough for the fireball to hit but far enough that there’s a gap between it coming out and it connecting (so you have time to recover and continue the combo)


Here’s a meaty setup from j.MP>HK that works on both normal and back recovery and can be either a s.mp or throw. Note that grab whiffs on back recovery unless in corner though plays.tv/video/579976bf0584fac41d/juri-air-target-combo-meaties-meaty-throws-works-on-both-normal-back-quickrise


I got that one down it’s kinda easy. Is there a way to do a similar combo that cancels into V-trigger instead of CA?


Playing around with some combo ideas with Juri:



This is the second video from Sako that has really helped me grasp the approach with this new Juri.
Hopefully it’ll do the same for others.
I certainly learned the most about Chun from watching Sako too



AiAi got a hold of Juri. He’s making her look pretty good! But then again, that’s what he does.


And here are some AiAi/Yossun day one Juri mirror matches



Here are some excerpts of Momochi playing Juri. I like how he consistently uses the fireball as a combo ender to make them safe.



Juri Frame Traps


if you guys have any more please share


2LK 2LK 5MK is not really a frame trap (it shows no “counter” if you look closely), it’s just a tool to catch crouching jabs on whiff. It should be tested with every character to know if it works consistently.



More Sako


Comeback I had during a casual match, I’m starting to make HK fuha a must have charge since it is so easily confirmable from her crouching light strings into VT to get her FSE pressure going.