SFV Juri video thread



made a combo video w/ impractical combos




Impractical my ass, Combo #1 and Combo #3 I’m stealing.


The spacing is going to have to be immaculate for these combos.

Yo man, that’s gonna be my new CC punish. Good stuff Phantasy!




Nice thing about Floe’s crossup thing above is you can also use qcb+mk slightly later and you’ll land in front instead. In fact if you fiddle with it in training mode you’ll find you end up landing in front by accident sometimes due to mistiming it.


If they back roll they can punish you for free


Alioune St.mk os



2 Stocks in 1 combo



Juri Safe Jump 5 frame. Frame trap



Hi, I am working on a playlist of videos for Juri. It will be multiple themes.

My goal is to do lab work and share knowledge and insight. I’m trying to be as clear and pedagogue as possible. Obviously I can’t explain every little tiny bit in videos so some basic fighting game knowledge is required.
Also the sub-goal is to make the videos interesting to actually watch, so you’ll have a good time even if it’s stuff you already know. So expect decent to massive editing and don’t expect any raw videos.

Here is the link:

Hope you’ll enjoy!


The ultimate juggle guide will still take up some tremendous time for me to put together and write.

However in the meantime here is a raw video (mainly unedited) to show most of Juri’s juggles.
This include a lot (and I really mean a lot) of content.


As you guessed performing/recording/uploading all that already took a lot of time.

Now imagine that time consumption and multiply it by 10, that’s roughly how much time I need to finish exploring all the options, write notes, sort them, and then write the Ultimate Guide with all that material gathered : P.



Beginner at making videos, but would like some feedback to improve.



Mained Juri in SFIV. Very happy with her, so far. Still learning the character and all the changes from then. Haven’t put nearly enough time into her yet but, it’s a start.


Wow, good stuff, man. Can’t wait to see the final video and playlist.


Not sure if this was already posted, beating wake up jabs



Beating wake up jab after throw/critical art:



Yossan Juri vs Karin battle lounge set, thought it was worth sharing. Excuse my potato cam :3

On a side note, Juri story costume is a bit distracting. It’s supposed to be a heavy coat, but the boobs are bigger and jigglier than the other two costumes.

It’s like she swiped some silicone too when she got that replacement eye from the SIN lab :3




Very good stuff, man. Can’t wait to get back my stick to finally start learning this stuff :scream:

crush counters punishes




Juri vs Gulie. I hate this match so much. I didn’t like it in SFIV, but at least I had mp fireballs and fireball swapping. My reactions suck lol. The more I focus on dealing with booms, the more prone I become to jumps and throws. When I got my meaties, I fucked up my counter-hit combos. I dont think I’ll be able to rely on V-Skill against a good Guile, but it saved my ass here lol.



Had no idea you could dash out of charging the V-Skill… good to know! As for me, My LP’s plummeted since picking up Juri… such is the life of learning a new character. It’s been non-stop losses for the last couple weeks but I finally settled into the 1.5kLP range. Met a few fellow Juri’s along the way which has been great because I definitely learn a lot more about my character in mirror matches, seeing what kind of tech other players bring to the table.