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Don’t jump backwards against Juris with a loaded CA.



That’s good^








This video shows mostly the neutral game for Juri. Trying to master the basics here before I get all crazy. So it could possibly show how much potential she has during footsies.

Day 1 Juri for me, in this video you Will see a FT3 against an ultra silver player, I was already down 2 matches. The first 2 matches he murdered me with his st.hk’s andjump ins because I was using st.lk and cr.mp to check his cr.mk and dash ins, had to change my distance and use cr.mk and sweeps after.

I think this video probably shows potential of how good her neutral game can be and potential to keep her opponents in the corner. My main focus on this ryu was to prevent him from dashing in, finding the right distance to whiff punish, looking out for his jump ins, anticipating his fireballs with using her chickenwing flip kick thing to punish them. I was also trying to hit confirm cr.mk into super, led me into alot of input errors because of negative edge when trying to buffer super from cr.mk. I also I know I could’ve punish harder and ended sole rounds aloy sooner but I didn’t.

Things to note with Juri.

  • Her walk speed is incredibly fast, I think it’s almost as fast as yangs in usf4 which is incredibly useful for the neutral game. And her flip kicks to go over fireballs is incredibly fast as well, I think u can punish them on reaction but Idk, I’ve always tried to anticipate the fireballs.

-Storing her hk fuhajin is really important for punishing when u don’t have meter or don’t really want to spend meter. So u probably want to always keep it stored.
-Storing her mk fuhajin is important for big punishes

One downside of storing fuhajins all at once is when ur opponent leaves big openings for u to get in or whiff punish. U will sometimes be like Fck! If I didn’t store these fuhajin’s I could’ve already been in there!


good use of normals, fatalframe.


Only thing I can add is that you should use st.lp as an AA when he jumps in at close range. Learn the distance and the timing for it, it’s a really good button to utilize.


Birdie matchup




that final combo with the bounce off fireball

Aiai vs Ibuki



Ty ty. I think it’s important to always try to master normals of any new character before u start getting into advanced stuff no matter what. It kind of gives me a overall feel for the character and the matchup when trying to figure out the distances normals are most effective at. But of course your normals change accordingly to the matchup and overall of how your opponent plays. I feel Juri is the type of character in sfv that’s all about disrupting your opponents rhythm in order to get in.

I hope maybe the video can give some insight with the ground game.


Damn Karin seems tough for Juri, she has too many good mid’s that reach far and recover fast, and to top that off she has that safe shoulder and v skill to make sure u stop trying to whiff punish. Maybe if that Juri played utilized the crack kick more. So instead of trying to whiff punish Karins mid atks, just immediately do a crack kick as soon as she throws her mids out and it should definitely tag Karin if she tries to throw something out right after, giving u the advantage.

I’ll be sure to try this out when I’m up against a Karin.


Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. On the flip side, the Karin is sure to punish your stores if you’re careless, she has a lot of ways to do that.


Oh I meant the f+hk like Cody’s f+hk called crack kick. I’m sure it’s safe on block.


Oh the new command move



Alot of Juri play here. Good stuff to Prodigy.



The day Juri was released I had 2900+ LP with my FANG, whom I’d been maining since February. In the past month, since switching to Juri on her launch day, my LP have been whittled down to ~600. I have literally not won a single match as Juri thus far, even now that I’m back in Bronze League with Rookie fast approaching, and it’s driving me crazy. Can someone please watch the above video and give me some pointers?

I’m probably going to end up switching back to FANG pretty soon since my Juri experience is so unsatisfying due to being completely unable to ever win with her. But that bums me out. It really irks me that I have to completely give up on something because I’m simply unable to learn it. I love Juri’s deep, complex gameplay and not being able to make it work in any way is tremendously frustrating.


Your problem isn’t really Juri though. You seem to lack overall game knowledge.

Pressed st lk after moonsault. First you shouldn’t press a button there anyway since you are negative, but if you are gonna do that then press st lp which is faster.
No setup after CC sweep
No punish after blocked scythe
Vskill after sweep which is not a real setup
No punish after another blocked scythe
No hit confirm off jab jab
No punish after blocked overhead
Repeated same bad vskill oki after sweep
No hit confirm of back+hk
No anti air
Panicky mashing in neutral near end of round
Died with full vgauge

That’s just 1 round.

You basically just need to do way more damage at each opportunity and play neutral better. Basically when he made mistakes you didn’t punish and when you had hit confirms you only got jabs instead of real damage into a knockdown. You aren’t storing in neutral so you have no resources to spend, you never vreversal or vtrigger.

I’m not gonna watch the rest. You literally just need to hit training mode and work on like the most basic things.

You need to learn how to analyze your losses as well. Literally just watch a video, everytime you lose life think about why it happened and what you should have done differently. Everytime you do damage think about whether you could have done more damage than you did.

At the level you are playing at you only need the most simple gameplan.

Stay away from your opponent and build resources. At your level, opponents will just throw their lives away with risky bad tactics. You need to learn defense and how not to be overwhelmed by bad strategies.

Throw lk release for chip and to force anti air.
Eventually you will have like a set of combos that cover most skirmishes.

1 hit confirm combo off of cr lk, cr lp or st lp, st lp. Learn to recognize when you have hit and land a combo, on block either back off or continue pressure.
1 medium confirm off of st mp
1 CC combo which is basically the same as your jump in combo

That’s it, you literally just need way better defense and an actual plan while playing. Watching you play is just pure freestyling, you don’t have any goals or purpose while playing.


I appreciate your input, thank you. But it’s too bad that you didn’t bother to watch any more than that first round. It was arguable my worst of the four, and had you watched later rounds it might have saved you a bunch of typing and possibly allowed you to give me more specific tips for my play style. You would have seen me land a few anti-airs and succeed with a few lp combos (e.g. st lp, st lp, st lk, l. pinwheel). I also made use of v-reversals and V-triggers in those later rounds. So although I appreciate your advice, you kind of wasted your breath in a way.

I absolutely agree that I do not have a plan with Juri, and that’s part of my frustration. With FANG I definitely have a solid approach with the tools he has because I’m comfortable with him and understand him. (I’m not GOOD with him, mind you - maxed out at just under 3K LP, like I said earlier - but at least I have a formula for using him.) Juri just baffles me in this sense.

So again, thanks, but I’m sorry you wasted your time replying simply because you didn’t have the patience to go past one round. There just wasn’t a whole lot of information about my game in those 30 seconds.


Lemme be honest, I watched the vid all the way through and your issue is that you lack fundamentals (+ game knowledge as @jaRedpill mentions). Juri isn’t the strongest character in the game but she is still very fundamentally sound and requires that you have good fundamentals as well to get you through. That you were 2900 LP with FANG yet only have a bronze tier Juri makes me think you were probably getting away with just doing FANG things and the people at that level just not understanding the FANG MU.

Maybe you should try playing a character like Ryu or Chun for a few weeks, which are the two strongest chars in the game but still require that you play really solid to get wins (for the most part, let’s conveniently ignore some of their bs for now).


I’m slowing getting accustomed to how she plays the neutral game.

This match was probably the most comfortable I’ve been with Juri so far. I still do stupid things though, I don’t call myself fatal error for nothing :dizzy:



Mentioned this in the Facebook group, might as well here.

Uncle Valle picked up Juri recently. While the play so far hasn’t been the best, I’m willing to follow and give him a chance. He did great work with SF4 Hugo, and in SF5 he’s one of the Rashid pioneers. He is one of those OG mentor/tutor/elder statesman figures that you want on your side :3