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Kazunoko looking pretty solid here. A lot of the matches come close, but his pressure in FSE is pretty good.



Was supposed to post this last week but got caught up with stuff and KOF.

What ranges work for u guys with Juri when against gief? Other matches when I tried to play complete keep away against gief I was able to manage meter more and seemed to take less dmg with the bonus of possibly frustrating him more, but I always seemed to end up cornered and missing alot of opportunity to AA because of storing fireballs at a safe distance vs staying in whiff punish distance. For me, dancing in and out of whiff punish distance feels more comfortable as her st.hp seems really good at that range as an AA.


If I was fighting Gief I would just use MK pinwheel to AA. His jump buttons are really long and you don’t wanna play around with that with stand button AAs all the time. Just give yourself that extra insurance with the upper body invincibility.

Kazunoko looks like the cleanest Juri I’ve seen so far. He seems like he’s really picked up on her storing and V Skill element really fast. He’s a Guilty Gear player so resource mechanics are like a children’s book for him to learn.


Most Giefs I run into leave after one loss, which used to happen all the time when I played Chun. I wonder how Gief players view this match.

st.HP and mk pinwheel work well on Gief. I have been air thrown out of mk pinwheel before so that’s something to look out for. I try not to play complete runaway with Gief. Walking back can take you out of your optimal AA range where it can trade or whiff, and Juri does not win with trades in this match. You also have to be smart with your stores. If you throw out a lk fireball for spacing, confirm that it makes contact(hit or blocked) before storing another. Watch your fireballs when he has Vtrigger. Cancel your AA st.hp into stores. I have this bad habit of dashing in after an anti-air from playing Chun, but I need to go back to what I did in SFIV and cancel into stores.

If the Gief is jab happy in neutral, st.mk and st.hp work well.

This match I had is pretty good example of how being confident in your AA’s changes the outcome. First game I play horrible. That empty jump super was a wake-up call to stop his jumps. You can try to play the neutral, zone and whiff punish, but that all goes out the window if you cant stop the jumps.






Gootecks playing Juri at Japan Cup 2016 @ 24:50

edit: actually it was the other guy





did 4neqs change his name?


SFV - AiAi(Juri) Vs Jyobin(Ryu) - Ranked Matches



More Aiai






I’m not high level or anything but I had fun with these matches

When in doubt mash throw!



I still hate this match-up. I can’t let myself play on tilt. I notice that I lose the first round a lot trying to fight the frustration. I am getting better at it. I have to remind myself to walk down the booms, but still be ready to react to a jump or counter-poke. Focusing on the booms while still being able to react to pokes and jumps is where I’m struggling the most. I also need to do a better job at where I stand so I dont let Guile jump over me.

The second Guile I fought in this video really tested my nerves. I spent so much time chasing him around, but that was my fault. I was too slow on a coupe of AA MK pinwheels.



Not bad. I like how you were using the V Skill in those matchups.


AiAi Vs Nuki FT5【 First To 5



Some of my friend, ‘scuse the quick n’ dirty






I was only a couple weeks into playing Juri when real life hit me like a ton of bricks and I dropped Street Fighter V for like a month and a half so, I’m basically back at zero again. Here’s hoping I can pick my ass back up and stop getting wasted by Super Bronze Kens.


Work on your punishes. You should never go for a throw after your opponent whiffs a DP unless it’s the last round and it kills. Even a simple Heavy into medium Hazanshu is better for damage and meter building.

Everything else is just practice. Finding out the correct ranges for everything, when to store (or more importantly: when not to), some punishes from Lights (EX Fuhajin or Heavy Fuhajin Release).


Closing in on Gold for like the 10th time lol. I’m a pretty streaky player. My wins and losses always come in bunches. Even when I played Chun and Cammy it was like that. I’m hovering around Ultra Silver for longer now which is nice since I get paired with Golds, and I’m not getting smacked around by them anymore. I’m doing better at holding my ground. I’m doing better at focusing on their weaknesses, for example this Cammy I fought would never challenge after a lk fireball even when it’s her turn. Cammy and Chuns cr.lp will stuff anything you throw out after a hk into lk fireball, no matter how you space it. Juri can only challenge with EX.DP, that’s quite a bet to make. This Cammy was letting me get away with murder. It’s not the text book thing to do, but if they let you do it, then do it.



I’ve been getting a good laugh out of the priority system with juri



I see you cancelling the first hit of b. HK a lot. Is it more advantageous on block that way?