SFV Juri video thread



This looks more like the ryu didnt know that match up. You did alot of fake pressure that he allowed you to get away with.

blocked fireball/store is -2, and following up of st.mk is 6(+2 = 8) frame startup, b.hk is 7(+2= 9) frame startup.
Its such a risky stituation he can counter hit you with ryu’s b.hk which is 8 frame startup and beat both options

On hit its a different story provided you are close enough fireball on hit is +4 so you can get st.mk and b.hk in there that way.

This is assuming you are right up against him to get the first hit of st.mk.

However I did like the fireballs done with spacing is more advantageous to yourself, however the ryu player could just fireball you back, or dp which he did the one round and won.


Should be same on block, only thing it would do is keep the opponent closer to yourself because the aren’t getting pushed back by the second hit. It allows you to get the first hit on st.mk because of the closer distance.
But also less damage, 40 damage from 1 hit of b.hk vs 80 damage from two hits of b.hk




Ah, right. Hadn’t thought much about the pushback applications of cancelling the first hit of those moves. Seems worth messing with now.


The first hit of b+hk has more hit stun and allows you to combo into mk fuharen release.


Learn something new everyday!


My brother was the one who taught me. Hes a big anime game/training mode nut so he finds stuff like that quick


Matches with time stamps of Hsien’s Juri so for direct viewing.

Vs Troy J (Guile)

Vs Snafoo, Gamerbee, Bonchan, Takeuchi and Phenom

Vs Snafoo (Sim)

Vs Gamerbee (Necalli)

Vs Bonchan (Nash)

Vs John Takaeuchi (Rashid)

Vs Phenom (Necalli)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MDBjQtVnwQ#t=2600 [/details]


Some good Hsien Chang footage. Glad he made a splash at capcom cup so that more people will compile his match ups on youtube now.



Had some fun with this set against Karin. I firmly believe it’s a favorable match up even with these losses






I’ve been busy with school, and I didn’t want to touch any games until finals were over. First games in a while and naturally the first match I get is vs a character I’ve fought maybe once or twice. You know you’re rusty when you constantly eat Ibuki’s overhead lol. Once he showed me that he was never going to stop pressuring me after resets, I started to let the EX DPs fly. Also, I love that Juri’s DP will be mapped to punches. I went for a shimmy into EX fireball, but got EX dp, thankfully it still hit fully.

Speaking of letting DPs fly, the next match was vs a Cammy. He was letting them rip. I guess he wanted to savor those meterless invul frames while he still can.




Apparently we can get some goodd stuff of HP in the corner now:


She has amazing corner carrier now



*was already posted in the tech thread oops…
The lvl2 vskill setup that goes crossup when people use back recovery is pretty cute.
I like these setups that cover both wakeup options, mainly in corner though, midscreen you will get pushed back further and i rather do dash, look and press cr.lp or walk a bit further for the back recovery so i can be as close as possible. If people are going to get hit on their wakeup it is often going to be a counterhit so athere isn’t much need for a true meaty which will allow a cr.lp, st.mp to combo without counterhit. They either press a button, or hold back/backdash or jump(rare cases). Regardless i think it’s worth knowing this setup for atleast in the corner.

Infiltration playing Juri at a small Korean tourney/exhibition:
Infiltration(Juri) vs Fang, Laura, Fang
His Juri looks rough as far as combo conversions go and no real setups but his neutral, movement, vskill usage is all great.


I think Juri got a little of her annoying factor back with her v-skill buff. In SFIV you could fuha-swap and lp.counter to really annoy the other player. You can kind of see it with the way Infiltration was playing her. He was playing her like he played Nash. Hit and Run, mixing up going for charges and throwing out pokes, make them want to jump with lk release then punish forward jumps with dp and back jumps with level 2 v-skill.


Been saying for a while that this is how Juri needed to be played. Hit and Run like Nash. Also been saying that she was a bad Nash in season 1. With the current balance changes, she might be the good Nash now.


Justin Wong was playing that way with her like week 1 in the Wizards tournaments. Hit buttons, dash backwards, store up, Hit buttons, dash backwards, store up.

I think Juri is just Juri. She doesn’t play enough like anyone else to be the bad version of this or that. Others say Cammy is better to use than her and this and that, just let Juri be Juri I say.

Hit and run is Infiltration’s style. He tries to fit that into every character he plays.


Yeah, I agree with you, I’m just saying I tried playing her with a more straight up ground game at first and it did not pan out. switching to a hit and run style with her is pretty required to play her effectively. Infiltration does play a hit and run style, and in season 1, Nash was by far the stronger hit and run character. They both also just have a lot of similarities in gameplay in terms of their tools. Flip kick/moonsault serve similar yet different purposes, both are designed around using their projectiles to move their way in, both have a very strong dash up throw game, etc. Juri just lacked the ability to convert into the same damage that Nash could, or needed to get her charges to even get similar damage. Where Nash just had all his tools at the ready, along with stronger hitboxes on his normals.

They both obviously have their differences, but the just felt the most similar to me in terms of play style, and Nash definitely had the easier time in season 1. Now, Juri might be the go to for hit and run game play.