SFV Juri video thread



Been saying for a while that this is how Juri needed to be played. Hit and Run like Nash. Also been saying that she was a bad Nash in season 1. With the current balance changes, she might be the good Nash now.

This. Thank you. I don’t know how some people would play her any other way. Nash CAN be played hit and run… Juri is DESIGNED to play that way because of her stocking. At high level play you don’t see players jumping in or stocking on block nearly as much.

Notice how the 2 good players we’ve seen offline (Infil and Hsien) happen to play a very reserved style? Hmm, gee, maybe that’s how she’s supposed to be played. But everyone loves these online Juri players like AiAi who show you how to ‘jump till you get a cool combo’. But hey, you do you.


Thing is Juri has good jump attacks if you mix in empty jumps for characters that DP anti air or really poor horizontal reach like Balrog. You can jump intelligently with the character.

Hit and run works well vs Gief. Some characters like rog and cammy you really can’t run from particularly well so think she has to adjust her gameplay based on the match.

I wish her store had more push back on block and horizontal range. In SF4 you could get a store and bait cr. Mk whiffs. Her normals were much stronger in that game.


Juri just has a tough time sticking on people I think and even if she does manage to keep up the pressure, she will usually lack resources to do good damage.
Trying to stock up on charges in the middle of your pressure will effectively end it, this is why my favourite change Juri got, was being able to charge the v-skill after H. release and still get a meaty after.


juri is all about resource management - her ex meter is important, all 3 stores are important, and vskill is really good.

she now has enough tools now to run offense without needing to store as much to continue everything: sMP has a meterless knockdown without needing a store now (sMP sMK MKflip), and HK release gives VSkill LV2 store on hit which as above stated, lets her maintain resources.

it’ll be a while before everything gets put together optimally since a lot of variables will be going on and choosing the best options will be hard but i fully believe she is a strong character now. MP dp being a good aa is incredibly important.

storing on block is not bad at all. but it’s just part of the frametrap/tick throws and has to be treated as such; part of a mixup.


Yeah, I think having her stores be 0 on block might be too strong in this game the way some people (myself included) wanted to see in season 2. But I think increasing the push back for stores on block might be a more balanced approach. She gets her store, and is forced to give up her turn, but she hasn’t put herself into a near 50/50 state by being right up close on block.

And yeah characters like rog/cammy/karin I think do well vs Juri because they prevent her from being able to run away to get her stores. Where characters like Gief or Birdie can’t really do much to stop you from stocking up and going in.


Yeah 0 on block would be to much against the character s that don’t have a 3 framer. I’d be OK with even at point blank on lk release though (imo that should be done).

That would let her setup some gross white life without being op, imo. He’ll it was +4 in SF4.




Aiai (Juri) Vs The Beastliest Rashids ( Gachikun & John Takeuchi ) -


Osayu (Akuma) Vs Reiketsu (Juri) [Street Fighter 5] [Gameplay]

Reiketsu, one of the Juri players at EVO last year. And that lipstick color looks cool on Juri.






This is me trying to figure out how to use her normals. Against Karin I was trying to use cr.lp to stuff her st.mk or any dash/shoulder attempts. It sort of worked here. Agaisnt Ryu I was trying out b.HK. This was interesting since Ryu’s b.HK got buffed, so it acts like Juri’s. b.HK is the normal that I have the hardest time trying to size up. Sometimes it feels like it eats up other normals and sometimes it’s whiffing or getting stuffed.

Then the last match with Ken sums up a lot of my matches where I feel like the other person is just throwing things out and nothing I do matters in neutral. The game just dissolves into “will he jump or dash or throw and can you react in time”.



Me (Juri) vs Valmaster (Juri)
i made a lot of mistakes ( Anti air, charge)



Corner Aegis punishes seem limited compared the characters with nice 8 frame Crush Counters.


Overhead + Combo

Part 1

Part 2


Really wish I could tell what you are saying, but the videos largely speak for themselves. This is some really useful stuff, so thanks!


At the risk of sounding like a douchebag, the overhead combos shown in that video are not that usefull. The only upside is the fact that a meaty overhead will be +1 on regular hit and is much less likely to get blocked than a regular meaty, so it’s “free” damage in a way which also leads to pressure. Having said that though, aside from using it as a MEATY on a CC sweep and perhaps a No Recovery option it has no place to being used as a MEATY during either normal(he calls it rapido) or back recovery scenarios.

Juri her overhead 22f startup, 0(+1 if meaty) oH and has 2 active frames and -6(-5 if meaty). This means you need to do a 1f perfect setup to get the overhead to hit meaty, it also requires the opponent to be pressing a button immediately on their wakeup. My problem with this is the fact it requires the opponent to press a button, in those instances you might as well do a regular meaty attack which is + on block and on hit has a higher payoff.

Even if you have a MAJOR read that the opponent will do a normal or back recovery, using a 22f attack to hit MEATY is a pure guess , it’s absolutely not worth it. I won’t dismiss the fact, like i said before, that the overhead is “free” damage and if it does hit meaty it’s +1(important against chaarctyers with 3 framers) and can be the start of your offense also.

I don’t understand why non comboable overheads aren’t +1 universally, this way they don’t need to hit meaty and if you happened to get a CH, you can combo from it.

On a sidenote i’ve used the cc sweep, ryodansatsu sideswitch, meaty overhead also.


Yeah it’s pretty obvious the overhead thing is just a gimmick. No need to delve into it.


It’s isn’t necessarily a gimmick, it’s just that there are options that are easier, safer and give a bigger payoff on both hit and block.




RZR Infiltration(Juri) vs ???(Ibuki)
RZR Infiltration(Juri) vs ???(Necalli)