SFV Juri video thread



clegg made top 6 at a recent WNF

Well, I like it. Looks like a solid Juri so far, good use of normals.


Another Korean tourny with Infiltration:
RZR Infiltration(Juri) vs ???(Juri)
RZR Infiltration(Juri) vs Saulabis(Rashid)
RZR Infiltration(Juri) vs ???(Zangief)*
RZR Infiltration(Juri) vs LikeWhiteBread(Fang)
RZR Infiltration(Juri) vs NL(Cammy)
RZR Infiltration(Juri) vs NL(Cammy) Grand Finals
*Apparantly signal couldn’t be sent to commentator’s desk in the beginning so they showed the match with an offscreen camera to the stream.


If only I could play this annoying in every match-up…



That’s about the way I play the matchup. Lots of charged V Skill to take advantage of his lariat and s.HP. Any character that is reliant on moves that have long whiff recovery Juri can take advantage of pretty easily.



His conversions are so on point.


I feel like the less I do against Bison, the better the result. Then again, my rank is so low that I only fight Bisons whose entire gameplan revolves around devils reverse, F + HP, dash-up throw, full screen slide and V-trigger shenanigans.



Just relinking this here because I didnt see the video thread.


Made a video about doing double mk.fuh combo from an actual possible situation (cr.mk into hk.fuh - v-trigger) by wasting v-trigger meter.


That one video y’all been waiting for is here.




will I finally be able to win against Bison? Stay tuned for more salt


SFV juri channel on Youtube is now closed. Does someone know why ? 
I will miss those videos with the 3rd Strike themes.




@LiangHuBBB dick move dude. I went in thinking I’d be inspired by some new Juri stuff, but left missing USF4 Juri.