SFV - Lack of defensive options?


I’ve played about 15 hours of the beta with different characters and I’m so surprised at the lack of defensive options. If my opponent gets a knockdown on me then there seems to be no reason why they wouldn’t just keep trying to hit me on wake up. It will stuff me if I:

  1. Hit any button
  2. Try to throw or throw tech
  3. Jump away
  4. Backdash

Playing as Laura I thought I had to use my armor invincible move to get through their attack, nope - their attack hits me on the frames before it becomes armor invincible it seems. So I know exactly what my opponent is going to do but I haven’t got ANY option for it except probably wake up super. And the risk-reward of trying to tech throws is ridiculously unbalanced. If I try to tech a throw and my opponent is mashing buttons then they get a counter hit into big damage combo. If I time it perfectly and manage to tech a throw then we’re back at neutral. Wouldn’t a successful throw tech be better if it then gave you some kind of advantage considering how dangerous it is to tech? I can imagine high level players will rarely bother throw teching and just accept they’re gonna eat throws most of the time.

Will this game end up turning players even more risk averse than in SF4? I think so, and it’s a shame because I thought this game was going to be more rock, paper, scissors in terms of your choices. That is only the case when you have options to beat what your opponent is doing. In SF3, Virtua Fighter etc. if you knew what your opponent was going to do you could do something about it. This feels like a step backward in that regard.

What do you all think?



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Every character has at least one anti-air normal and possibly a special that also anti-airs, every character can Guard Reversal, and there’s this amazing super high level technique called blocking. Git gud.


dont forget you can quickrise or backrise every knockdown except cc sweeps


yea what others had said, choose your rise option ahead of time, you should know which way you want to go before you hit the ground, so you don’t miss the input. Also blocking works just find, you just gotta learn their frame traps and be wary of throwers, you’ll be fine.


There really is a lack of defensive options.

…Isn’t it great?


I’m not talking about jump-ins, obviously you can anti-air them. I’m talking about even after a quick rise you have to face more pressure. And do you guys think that blocking fixes the one-sided situation of wake ups? Where are the options to deal with what I know my opponent is going to do? Should I just block and eat throws because the risk/reward is unbalanced? Try thinking before you answer with ‘duh, just block’.


That’s fighting games dude… You block… There’s no magical silver bullet… You git gud. Do you have a super or EX move that’s good on wakeup and you think they’re going to hit buttons? Nail them. If not. BLOCK.


You have
-a tech get up (you go backwards)
-V-reversal (Which more people should use)
-Some v-triggers allow an escape.
-Some characters have a reversal.
-Backdash (to get away from throws)
-Jab to beat poor meatie options and get a quick 1,2,3.

Yeah we have enough defensive options. It just takes more skill to use. Blocking is a major things and it will get you pretty far.


You’re not considering that if you are put into that knockdown situation, he earned it by getting a hit on you. Figure out what you are doing wrong in your neutral to keep getting knocked down.


well that is kind of their reward for getting in. You either block or attempt a throw and get the tech for a reset. You should be at the disadvantage, you got knocked down.


As I said, the EX armor move I have gets stuffed. In VF you could evade or sabaki or any number of other options. In SF3 you could parry their attack. Saying “That’s fighting games dude” doesn’t work. It’s 2015 and Street Fighter is continuing to dumb it down for the SF4 tards.


v is a flawed game and all but the lack of defensive options is a selling point


just srk xx fa…oh wait, wrong game, my bad. Block and v-reversal. If you’re thrown you’re thrown, but the range on those is so bad you should see it coming.


lol, he thinks being forced to block on wakeup and not mashing reversals/backdashes is dumbing down the game

yeah, this thread is going nowhere


If anything you’re kinda sounding like a SF4 tard as you put it. You expect your EX move to get u out of jail for free and beat any button your foe presses I.E SF4. Looks like in SFV you can’t escape a bad situation by DPing your way out of it. You actually have to read your foe and react accordingly. I.E if your foe presses buttons on your wake up, take note of this and block or use a move or button you know will beat their button next time you get knocked down. SFV is meant to have more of an emphasis on offense


Out of interest, why do you think this so far?

Because of the lack of overall complexity in comboing, or?


lack of complexity yes, i feel like the damage is low and offensive options could be a little stronger. normals kinda have bad range too.

vtc needs to not count towards damage scaling.

v has cool ideas tho maybe it’ll evolve


lol 09ers having a hard time? What do you want? focus backdash? Learn to block and if you got knocked down then you did something wrong in the first place…


I think a good litmus test will be the changes that come with the release in February. I suspect Combofiend has good instincts, and we are getting an unfair picture of their internal balance situation at the moment because we’re getting slices of the balance state of the game at random moments.

I could be wrong, but I would bet that the characters mostly gain in complexity between now and February. I think the most sensible design path is establishing core character mechanics, then moving on to adding the cool fun flourishes - and they’re still doing the former at the moment.