SFV - Learning hit confirming


Hello, everyone!
I’m currently trying to learn hit confirming. I have found that confirming heavies is actually quiet easy. So is confirming linked mediums of first hit.
But confirming single medium button is not. Currently the only way i can confirm st.MP xx Tatsu for Ryu, is that i input st.MP, qcb on both hit and block, but i input HK only on hit. And it’s still quiet hard and inconsistent.
Can it be learned to do without allways buffering qcb? For example on hit do st.MP xx Tatsu and on block st.MP xx Fireball?
And is it worth it? Don’t want to waste a lot of time on learning this, just to find that it can only be done in training mode on a good day.

Also is it correct that single light normal can’t be confirmed? From what i see in pro players matches, it seems that they usually confirm of two jabs. Am I wrong?

And since we discuss reactions. Can landing a counter hit be reacted to? Meaning that you try to see if you landed a counter and if you did - continue a combo with a normal that only links on counter hit? It seem really hard since simple counters are only indicated by text on your side of the screen.

Thank you in advance.


Depends on your character. Kens one of best for hit confirms. I set the training dummy’s block to random. Then use stuff like d mp standing lk into h dp etc depending if the hit landed. Takes time to get used to.


With the stmp hit confirm. Just do stmp x2. It will give u more time 2 confirm the tatsu. Even if they block it it’s still a true blockstring. That’s why most player confirm off of 2 jabs instead of 1, to give themselves more time 2 react

In general u just have 2 get used 2 reacting which will come the more u play


Hitconfim means you are visually looking to see if an attack is hitting and then deciding if you will do the 2nd attack.
When reading your post it seems to me you are making your whole experience hellish by trying to do “impossible” hitconfirms, most of the stuff you ahve questions about almost nobody does.

There are exceptions to this but generally people hitconfirm of single attacks in a few ways, and they aren’t raw hitconfirms, they are looking for specific things:
[] Whiff punishes
] Pressing a button in neutral where it intentionally whiffs but they buffer a special afterwards(the special will only come out if the opponent walked into that rnage or pressed a button)
[] If they saw the startup of a move so they know their button will counterhit
] Cancelling low attacks when you see the opponent is standing
[*] etc

Cancelling from a single normal, be it a heavy or a medium or a light, is very diffcult and in some cases impossible, there are exceptions however as some characters their normals give you more time, ryu his cr.hp for instance is such an example. Aside from the things i mentioned above what you were trying to do is a hitconfirm where the ONLY que is the sound or visual spark that will decide if you will cancel a normal.

The list i mentioned above are common ways people are “hitconfirming” of single normal attacks. There are exceptions to this, namely normals with late cancel windows, very long hifreeze(screen literally freezes that moment an attack is blocked or hit, this is different than hit and blockstun) and/or hitstun. A few examples:
[] Ken cr.mk has late cancel frames
] Chun cr.mk has late cancel frames
[] Ken b.mp>hp or st.mk>hk target combos can be hitconfirmed of the first hit
] Karin medium/heavy button xx command dash(on hit you can cancel the command dash again in a tenko on hit, and on block in shoulder)
[*] Ryu cr.hp

The thing about Ryu his cr.hp is that it is unsafe on block, also a fireball cancel from that distance is also unsafe on block. Even if you can do cr.hp(which forces standing so a tatsu wll never whiff on hit) and then decide to do either ex fireball or lk or medium tatsu(heavy tatsu is too slow to hitconfirm) you still have to decide between two complete different options

Even if it is possible to hitconfirm of Ryu his st.mp with a cancel into a special, which it is not, it is then absolutely impossible to suddenly change a motion completely into something else.
It can’t be done. There is too little time from st.mp. You also would have to see if the opponent was crouching or standing because tatsu will whiff on crouchers. Fireball on block after a close st.mp xx fireball is punishable. In short, no it can’t be learned because this is literally impossible to do. There is also no reason to do this, you are doing this in training which has no distractions, doing it during match when a bunch of shit is going on and the opponent isn’t sitting still, ain’t happening.

Something else you can do is this though with Ryu and it’s much easier, after a close st.mp:
[] On hit do cr.hp
] on block do cr.lp(cr.lp combos on counterhit in st.lk and cr.mp which you will commit to if you expect a counterhit)*
*This blockstring is more effective against people mashing with 3f lights, at worst you trade, at best you get a counterhit into a combo.

st.mp, ct.mp stuffs 4f lights so if the first st.mp was blocked, you can do st.mp again and on counterhit you can link cr.hk still.
A single hitconfirm you can do also is st.mp(hit) and LINK a Critical Art.

Lights usually only combo into other lights, there are a few characters that have an expection where they cna link into a medium.
Lights give too little time to visially confirm and then decide to do another light, so just commit to the 2nd lights, it is safe anyway. Some lights are chains, which means they are a true blockstring and are completely safe anyway.

Depending o the light used you can link a medium or even an heavy attack on counterhit. So you would press the light and then the medium and cancel the medium when you saw the counterhit from the light attack.

Yes, people react to counterhits and are specifically looking for them. Of lights people anticipate the counterhit and do the (safe) counterhit combo regardless but only cancel the medium or heavy when they saw the counterhit pop up.

From medium attacks you can visually confirm the counterhit combo, completely changing you entire combo is difficult though.
Example is Juri:
st.mp, st.lk is a regular combo
st.mp, cr.mp isa counterhit combo

Juri players would have to switch between a standing to a crouching attack. It is easiest if you don’t have to switch between crouching and standing but just pressing another button.
Heavies usually give a LOT of time so that shouldn’t be difficult. People look for the counterhit text with their periferall vision. It also depend on the characters and their buttons how difficult a counterhit combo is, some are easy, some are hard, they require anticipation and reaction, not raw reaction.


You are making it too difficult on yourself by going for extremely difficult or almost impossible hitconfirms, streamline your stuff as it isn’t needed to make it this hard.


Very comprehensive answer. Thank you a lot, man! You have resolved all my unsertaincies.