[SFV] Looking for Street Fighter V training partners in HK/Korea/Japan/Taiwan region!

I am an expat who lives in HK so finding local players to play with in real life or even online is tough due to language barrier.

I was a casual SFIV player (Ryu main) and looking to step up my game in SFV (Nash main). Hanging around 1200-1300 LP and seems to be about as good as I am. Struggling to climb the ranks. Thus, I am aware I have a lot of weaknesses in my game and looking for others to flesh them out so I can focus on continuous improvement.

If anyone wants to hit me up we can have online sparring sessions or you can even come over to my humble HK abode to play some Versus.

Prefer online players from within East Asia as thats where the connection is 4-5 bars (ie good lag free matches in my experience)

SFV Fighter ID: eckoflyte
PSN ID: eckoflyte