SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken

Jabs usually have shit active frames so you can miss even though your timing is good since he is off screen for a while during the dash. Not like regular dashes where they’re basically throwing their hurtbox into your jab.

I’m sure the data changes once he gets VT1 to make it more difficult.

Until Capcom brings back decent fight money payout I’m not spending a dime on that CPT stuff

Also if you motherbuckers end up getting Ed nerfed again I’m going Liam Neeson on all your asses >:c

Bison’s Forward Dash is fully invincible frames 8-10, strike and projectile invincible frames 11-14. In V-trigger, it’s fully invincible frames 6-13, strike and projectile invincible frames 14-18, and of course can now pass through opponent’s on top of that.

Bison’s dumb.


I finally made it to 23k. Man that was so fucking hard compared to the beginning of my Super Diamond experience. Don’t know how but I went from 20.2k to 22.5k fairly quickly. But it has taken over 2 months to reach the next number. And who know if I can even stay in this range lol.

Ranked is something else man. If you really don’t care about points then no big deal. But if you’re like me and keep staring at your total and calculating how much you’ve gained or lost after every hour or so, it can be demoralizing.

EDIT: Damn it, didn’t mean to reply to you Trife. I just hit the 1st reply button I saw. I seem to have been doing that a lot lately lol.


Yeah the low jab active frames is exactly what gets me. What can sometimes inadvertently save me is that I’m a titch slow hitting the button so old age sometimes pays off. :older_man:

The Sagat costume is fucking hilarious

Incoming guard breaks work because normal jumps allow only for one action. If you do a regular jump, and block one single hit, that uses up your action for the jump. DevilJin mentioned it already, but this is one of the reasons you super jump. Incoming counts as a regular jump so you get one action. The key to them is to stagger the hits. Hit them once, wait a bit, hit them a second time. If you throw somebody in the air, and they tech the throw, they’ll be in a regular jump state too (this means that there are throws you don’t tech because you could die).

Weird teams are a bit few and far in between. Certain low tier characters will have surprisingly good match ups against god team characters but not enough to climb up the ranks. If you want to watch some good unortohodox teams, there’s VDO ( rogue/colossus/ken), Strider/Doom (more conventional but Strider/Sentinel/Doom), Mike Z’s team Team Z (T.Bonne, Juggernaut, Doom), Dau’s team (Omega Red/BB Hood/Juggernaut) Megaman Steve’s team ( Megaman/Blackheart/Somebody else), if you want to dial it waaaay back, there’s team ZaZa (Wolverine/Wolverine/Sentinel) and a guy named Kic Kic Kic who plays the oddest shit (Dhalsim/Servbot/Doom). doesn’t fit your criteria of only one god character but Duc Do’s team (Spiral/Cable/Sentinel) is still hot fire and plays different than a lot of the rest.

Psylocke is more aggressive anti air that allows for an easy conversion into Magneto combos than Cyclops. After Psylocke assist you get OTGs and other shenanigans so it really compliments mags on point and it lets Storm play a modified version of offense and defense with it. Cyclops is pure defense as it covers a larger vertical area. Cyclops assist also has more invincibility than Psylocke IIRC (Definitely has some unlike Captain Commando’s). Another part of the Cyclops assist is the amount of blockstun it puts people under. Sentinel with Cyclops assist gets really long pressure, which means that he’ll do a high amount of chip damage from Sentinel normals and assist calls.

The amount of invincibility is dependent on the assist. Some assists you can stuff on start up (Captain Commando), others you have to bait. Here’s an old ass SRK thread on the topic: List of all invincible AAA. Baiting assist is a massive deal in MvC2. But you can’t bait all of them the same way because of the angles they cover, the hitboxes and/or invincibility. If you’re getting tagged a lot by a certain assist, you need to work on how to bait and punish it properly. Double snaps will happen and you won’t have a lot of fun.

Sometimes people just make bad assist calls and get punished for it. That’s where you get hailstorms nailing assists, the rare AHVB catching an AA assist that whiff or Sentinel sending the homies to body a fool.

MvC3 and DBF both suck ass. That’s why you can’t have defensive assists.


Deep questions I have. So is Sagat a Pimp slash Pirate now? He’s wearing a Muay Thai belt but the pants…how can you Muay Thai in skinny leather jeans and boots.

I don’t get Kage’s outfit either.

Kage is a distinguished edgelord.


Also more core values

Not saying they are as good as MvC2.

But DBFZ has 5 invinicible assists with varying invul startups:

Cooler: 3f
Y Gohan: 5f
A Gohan: 9f
18: 15 f
17: 15f (about)

The androids are pretty crap. But y Gohan and cooler are very, very good. And this is still DBFZ so you can confirm relatively easily.

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Youre going to go to random neighborhoods and pick fights with black people?

You probably wont get the reference in that joke but its a thing.


I believe it. Akhos is a crazy mother fucker.

(I do get the reference, but there’s no good way to weave it into a joke).

Nah I got it…though I was kinda hoping that wouldn’t get referenced XP

So more costumes huh. Cool.

Im actually enjoying this Capgod silence. Giving me plenty of time to do/play other stuff.

Also Im giving credit to @FlyingVe for reviving the threads. Directly or indirectly, since you came back around I got 100s of posts to read every time i check.

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Its coo.

He gets a pass from me. Just like Hulk Hogan. Im a simple man. Entertain me enough and im willing to look the other way on a little racism

Nah DemonDan’s costume code for it is though

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I tried A gohan assist in dbfz. It’s wack. The “invincibility” may as well not even be there. Didn’t try Y gohan though because I assumed it was the same as old… didn’t have the frame at that time… but 5 frames is still pretty shit coming from other games. Skullgirls big band at first was 1-2 frames till invulnerable, then got nerfed to 3 iirc. It was still great at 3. Then it got nerfed to 5 after I stopped playing. I started playing again here and there though and it was noticeably getting stuffed a lot.

Makes no sense to stuff an “invincible” move. It’s like a command grab that fails if you didn’t just frame it or a fireball that only goes half screen if your input was sloppy.

But cooler has 3 frames till invulnerability? Hmm will have to check that out.

JF Tenko has different timing off each normal. It’s pretty fast off lights but you have some time off mediums and heavies. I plink/piano LMH punch buttons.

JFT into Orochi takes some practice to get down because the timing is strict. I find it easier to just press a single punch button over plinking for this. Once you get it down it’s pretty easy to time though.

Judging from your avatar you’ve played Viper so you’re probably used to a slight initial execution barrier before it becomes muscle memory.

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Buffer the QCF before she fully recovers to get it frame 1, and the timing to land Orochi should be lenient.

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3x1 so far on this online tournament I am playing with Falke tonight.
Beat a super gold Kage, an ultra diamond Cammy, lost to a GM Chun and beat an ultra diamond Abigail.
Waiting on my next oponnent on losers that will likely be an UGM Mika.