SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken


That’s pretty similar to how Mu used to work. Her low profile +1 2B was the cornerstone of her pressure… without steins.


Yeah that was him. I remember when he put the whole Firebrand subforum on blast. Dude spent a week with the character and found a bunch of stuff.

Is he still grinding crack? Too bad he left. You’d think a few SF5 characters would’ve fit him like a glove.


Yeah but his Flicker is -3 which means he’s the one that gets lit up if he improperly spaces it.


Falke does really well vs Akuma so I don’t mind the Akumas.

I do the Piccard facepalm whenever I see a Bison though. Everyone knows about Bison now. Shit is done. So many Bisons now I know most of his colors per outfit by memory. There’s this one Bison named Miller Lite with the lime green OG Bison lol.

I see one of the barely Super Diamond Bisons I run into online is in the bracket at FR.


I feel by “new champions” they mean new CPT winners. At least that’s what I assumed. I just don’t think I’ve seen the SFV team refer to any of the new characters as ‘champions’ before. But maybe I’m wrong.


It’s not that i can’t handle them, i face these fuckers so much i got good at it.

Just don’t like the lack of diversity.


No Cammy at all? Haha.


I’m high enough ranked now where I get a Fang or 2 after every 5 Bisons and sometimes will randomly run into an Alex train. Where you are at people are going to be too scared to bust out an Alex or Fang vs the yolo Bipsons. They’ll get fed up and just try to be the better yolo Bipson.


I’m super diamond,its similar rank,but different region.



So you can link your CFN to the Arcade version.

Not your CFN’s League points, though. The Arcade version is utilizing the PP/BP system.


That’s what I got to but they kept bringing up what’s new plus saying new season. I’m keeping hope alive. But if we don’t get anything this time I’ll quit getting my hopes up.


Yeah region may be an issue too. Where I’m at there’s pretty good diversity. I’ll get Kolins, Fangs, Falkes, Sakuras, Juris and other weird shit surprisingly often. The Bison and Akuma train is there, but get a lot of people strong with the weird shit. People not afraid to use other stuff on the east coast and can get past the flowchart.

Cammy is actually hard to find now and most Cammy players run away from me now because she has to stay on the ground vs Falke. There’s this Cammy named Forest random Super Diamond one who I’m sure hates fighting her. We ran into each other in casuals and he was using Rashid and getting his shit bodied so he gave up and started taunting LOL.


Figured arcade would have its own system. Otherwise Trashbox would already be the King of the Arcade.

They using the Nesica card system too. Now being the king of CFN will mean a little bit less now that people will also want you to be the king of the Nippon Arcade.


but he is already on top…


Lol I freaking HATE fighting falke and birdie as Cammy.

Makes me want to pull my hair out.

I go 0-30 against my friend’s birdie and falke. All the time.

Anyway the videos of me playing with Highland are finally processed and watchable at 1440p 60 fps. (instead of 360p just now)

So just relinking it here.
It’s basically how NOT to play Cammy.

All my sempais. Please teach me to street fighter!!


Canadian SRKer.

Remember that article about a 12 year old girl winning a local with Ibuki?

Well he was in the grandfinals in that set.



Speaking of locals, how far is too far for you guys to drive to one? I recently found out there’s a pretty steady scene but it’s a hour drive from me. And the other thing is from the posts I’ve seen nobody plays sf5. It’s all old games on legit cabs like ST,3S, mvc2,b the only newer game is T7. Maybe I’ll learn one of those older games.


Post more high level Karin, I need inspiration to play again. It’s been like 2 years.


I used to drive an hour each way to grind MTG.

FGC people tend not to be that dedicated. I legit couldnt get local people to drive 20 mins in city.


I drove an hour just to go to DBS TCG Pre-Release. Plus you know, we finally got nice weather so it was a good excuse.