SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken





Allllriiiiight took down a 12 win streak. Another 2 0 on MaiLyn’s GM Laura. I had a rough patch vs him the last couple ranked games but I put up the wall vs him again.

I gave him advice vs Rompe’s Falke and let him know that the dive shit he abuses is fake. That’s why I didn’t dive much because I knew he knew. Gonna watch the video and see the salt LOL.


That’s why my expectations are in check for FR. I won’t be disappointed going that route.


I got everything I want out of this game for the most part so I’ll just keep my expectations sky rocket high and if they stop DLC production for the game oh well…

I’ll just keep playing Falke and Ibuki and try to convince people that Kage isn’t the worst in the game.


Random BB talk has caused Science to appear


Anyone who has their hopes up just remember there’s only 2 places to go from here.

Choose wisely.


Did someone say Science?



I choose Doom.

…because that might mean it was Elena with Healing as a V-trigger >:3


No Ed buffs tho


Do we have a new round of believers?

Who needs :pray: in their title?


It’s fine, Elena would make up for all the wrongdoings Capcom has done to Ed


Screen capped. You have to eat your copy of SFV when she’s revealed. I want photo’s showing the discs in your mouths.

Nah this is the big one. We gonna get all the news.


I do believe, but I have low expectancy.


:pray:t4: squad

Anybody want to place some bets?

I got $10 on a character reveal


That would mean certain Doom, but at least you’d have a new character that would hopefully fit you.


That’s right baby. Go big or go home. Honda, Viper Makoto and Rose with Yung_beezy cameo.

Mobb Deep is going to beat Jiewa and Lil Evil also.


:gorilla: or die


Probably did enough Canadian resets to lose that one.