SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken


It would let @Akhos do absolutely nothing during a match for even longer.



Oh come on, I’m not THAT passive


I’ve seen japanese porn more exciting.



Awww bullshit. Apparently MaiLyn wasn’t streaming. Now I won’t get to see the salt.

That reminds me I run into a decent amount of Lauras in ranked. East coast don’t care about tiers.


There will be no Rose and no Makoto either, the age of Edmond “Mike Ross” Honda is upon us, looming on us like a pair of giant sumo buttocks ready to crush us under its weight.


…I’ll just have to take your word on that one


I wouls love for MobbDeep to body one of the Japanese players. None of them respect Laura either so he has a good shot at it. His autopilot is honed to Skynet levels of automation.

We need some high stakes betting on this though. Hmm…


Oh yeah End Game trailer made my small peepee become the big peepee

Now we just need Mahvel 4 so I can Photon Cannon people in next gen graphix and we back.


It’s so easy to disrespect Laura. Sure she might get that one highlight reel comeback, but then you just blow her shit up.


Mike signaled the end. SFIV was the last good SF game. We didn’t listen.

He was better than we knew. He had been warning us since 1979

Thanks Russ. Black Jesus died for a better FGC.

“I HATE Ibuki…so much I wish you guys could understand”.

We understand Mike. Fundamentals are gone. All that’s left is is robbery and unga. Now they’re forcing the arcade goers into the roberry and unga. It’s tough to see go down.


I guess thats why Bea hates Laura. She is straight brazilian thug: only knows how to murder and rob.


I remember a Brazilian guy at my job telling me that in Brazil they make weapon kites. Like the flying kites that look all friendly and fun on Sesame Street. They attach shards of glass to kites and try to fly them into people. Brazil is wild yo.


That also happened in Pakistan. Let me get you the headline:


Brazil also just had a mass school killing…


They gonna reveal crack this weekend too.

Hopes high lawwwdy

Ono and Blanka, whatever you’re patching in this season…don’t do it without me.


@Cipher More of your favorite punching Squirrel (and mine too)

Feels like it’d make a good reaction image too :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldnt be surprised if it’s honda. The second char last year was a unga bunga charge char. They probably have a pattern for second slot this time around like we already do for shotos. Whoever it’s i hope it’s not honda. 3rd slot seems to be occupied by neo shadaloo, so gorrilla or that lanky afro samurai looking guy.


I’m definitly going to use this, when someone comes up with the weeb trash argument again.


LOL. I like how he upgraded his name to Recycle Bin. Either that or google translate is going HAM.


Wait till they reveal Dark Sakura!!!

The ultimate answer to every weeb, lolicon and edge lord in the community combine in one representation. lol