SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken


I only see top 100 so far


yeah but he seems to be able to play on the machines so maybe you can see there the full list. online its just top100.


I can understand not wanting a character in because they may probably get ruined with the change. But it’s even more likely that SF6 would be even more simple than this. May as well get them now.


SF6 will be VR only with motion sensing sticks


DPs would probably be down+down punch instead of the usual input.


Ed and Falke are already heathen smash characters minus their supers any way


So you admit you’d enjoy Smash then c:


If they put Falke in Smash i might enjoy it


SF6 will also include collectible cards that has QR Code that you can scan. Which directly decrease or increase the hurt box and hit box of a certain move.

It also include QTE based super move to increase damage. Just like injustice mobile that was ported in the arcade earlier. lol


We’ve had one already. Based Darun Mister.



Corrin’s pretty close to Falke

Long ranged pokes, has a dive kick that goes straight down (albeit it doesn’t bounce), has a projectile that you can charge, and even has a counter to get out of bad situations. And unlike Falke all her normal attacks are disjointed c:

There’s also Robin if you prefer chucking more magic rather than big sword normals, but still having big sword normals

They also have Sheik if you wanna go the Ninja route. Fast with lots of set-ups

Plus Ultimate has parries now instead of the old just defend thing it used to do~


I can imagine Sf6 will be played with more advanced headsets with eye tracking technology that read electrical signals in your brain. So you’ll be doing commands by thought. You’ll be dp’ing psycho axe before it hits you. Real honest footsies will come to play.


Ay monkey you gonna have to retract that last statement because Fei is cool as heck


Yeah what’s wrong with fei? What fighting game is complete without it’s Bruce Lee rep?


Anyone playing tonight


Tried playing this game after only playing DOA since it came out. And then the power went out. Twice. I think it’s a sign.


I actually though arcade sticks and controllers are gonna be replace by highly responsive and sensitive touch pads for the sake of accessibility to reach the modern mainstream because the new commands moves are either executed by swiping and tapping.

And so it would can be cross platform to any OS android devices. lol


I’m hoping there will be some decent stream feeds from the JP arcades. I know there’s bootleg footage but that’s usually been frowned upon in those establishments…


So does FR start today ?


I think its tomorrow in the first world