SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken


As an NRS fan, I will give you guys a spoiler, SSFV will be revealed. You’re welcome.


Why is the current game called arcade edition if the arcade edition is called “Type: Arcade”?


it will be google glass console exclusive and brings the fight where it belongs, to the street


Literally just because they put arcade mode into it. Not the best name but slightly more creative than super, ultra, mega street fighter.


Ono the gawd delivered arcade mode like he promised. It saved SFV


so when is mvci getting a arcade release?


https://twitter.com/discovigilante/status/1106345611219992576 - thread from that awesome translator (used by BornFree often, that guy) @discovigilante on playing Type Arcade. As expected, positives and negatives.

one of the biggest things for me is that matching and rematching is instantaneous, which allowed me to get 15 games in about 45 minutes. never timed myself at home but that feels like a lot.
-no stage select, but I haven’t randomed Beach or Skies yet


I like the idea of being able to rematch endlessly instead of ft2. I’m just hoping it was a typo when he said he had no option to refuse. But I guess in a arcade you couldn’t back out of rematch in other games probably?


Type arcade means there is an arcade version.

Arcade Edition, means Evil Ryu is in it.



I can’t even say Type Arcade was just a bad translation of Arcade Edition when they got it right in the SF4 days


Yup. Common knowledge in Japan that you can’t just run around pointing cameras at shit like you can in the US.

More old men posting in here means Honda is definitely coming. He’s bringing all the old men out.


I’m an old man; taught @you the timing for Chun’s bnb combo based on sound, and a (now) 26 year old how to FADC in SF4.

Bring Honda Back.


this sucks.


All I’m going to say is want to know how Pertho will respond to that tweet


Pertho responds to many a thing, and many a time I do not read the contents.


I’m not sure taking snipes at each other is the best response to this…


bruh this mans twitter is fucked up


he’s made like 20 something dummy accounts as well. Holy shit man.


This sucks way too much. I am sure Ricky’s friends will keep her safe there, but the fact that they will have to makes me sick.
Here’s hoping Final Round staff takes that trash away.


Maybe he just wants to tell Ricki about Blanka’s Pockets. Get her the inside info before Sunday.


It’s almost like dudes are going the extra mile to get cancelled on social media and IRL.

Dude thinks he can go into Final Round to harass somebody? That’s the one major that will guarantee a free trip to the parking lot for that kind of shit.