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This is beyond fucked up. I’m guessing - hoping - the CPT guys know about this, and can organise protection


I feel for anybody that has people like this in their life, the anxiety it must throw on you is INSANE.


That level of harassment can get you permanently banned. Ip address and all. Especially since Twitter is very protective of the trans community


Creepy ass weirdo.


Hopefully, considering current evidence and restraining order Ricki seems to possess, he’ll nab himself a handy permanent CPT ban and be walked off of venue if he gets close.

Annoying thing about cases like this is that he won’t be convicted of anything until it actually happens, which sucks for Ricki, because the dude seems dead set on ruining her life rn lmao.


Sherry’s creeper was pretty creepy with the whole following to amusement park, but this guy went 3,000+ miles away just to catch up with Ricki at a tournament. His thirst is EXTRA REAL


I can’t stand niggas like this. It just bothers me. For most of these dudes deadset on getting to someone, an official restraining order doesn’t exist. The sensible ones might decide to back off. The mentally ill ones like this will likely ignore it.


Stalk a well liked and respected FGC person that’s friends with real NY niggas, real west coast killas and follow her all the way to Atlanta, which is one of the Real Nigga centers of the US.

The man is going to Ronin Chaos’s home turf on some abusive shit and doing it an OG.

Don’t know that I’ve ever seen somebody in the FGC have a death wish, but this fucking comes really damn close to it

So fuck that guy but no way that dude gets close to Ricki without 10 people having a boot party.


Somebody about to learn in the hardest fucking way possible.


dude has legit made like 30+ accounts tryna talk to her over Twitter, how ain’t this man banned from their site


My friend got his car jacked with all of his shit on the Friday of FR 2009 and didn’t find the car until Sunday when the police reported it abandoned near some trees. I was wearing one pair of slippers and clothes all weekend. You can’t fuck around in the SOUF.


I doubt beating the shit out of the dude would help the situation, if anything you just paint a lot of people in bad vision of the police. So that’d be silly.

Dude just needs fining and removing from site.


I feel bad for Ricki, I really do but like…you gon’ try shit in Atlanta?

you for real, my guy?

There’s probably some better locations for you to try and get wild but…Atlanta? We really out there starting shit where they’ll toss you into an empty crack house and forget about you?

I know for a fact that there are ATL Police members in the FGC. You gon’ find out real quick how shit gets look at the other way. :joy: :joy: :joy:


I highly doubt having FGC members present within the force is going to have them risk their livelihood to cover for some idiots who commit a felony.

Violence doesn’t help solve a situation when there are already laws in place to keep this fucking weirdo on a leash, it would exasperate the problem if it goes awry. It’s unfortunate that even with a breach on restrain, he probably won’t have anything beyond a slap on the wrist and a small fine.


ATL niggas ain’t joking @Frost, this weirdo will find out real quick.


Facts. Ricki’s stalker is Rodney King and the FGC is the LAPD. If this creep bothers to show up, he’ll be saying “Can’t all just get along” while catching a hellafied beatdown.


So I’m guessing she’s personally contacted final round organizers? I mean unless they tell her they’re aware and will take all precautions and will be on the look out I wouldn’t even go. Fudge that, dudes obviously creepy.


Best case scenario is dude will realize he’s in the wrong and go his separate way when he sees the backlash behind it all. Unfortunately I’ve seen firsthand how far some of these dudes will go when law enforcement wasn’t enough to persuade them to back down.

Hopefully it won’t go that far. If it does, well, the nigga asked for it. Might be a good learning lesson for him if it goes that route.


Nah homie needs to get jumped that’ll fix that real fast.


I think it’d be nice if we could support her through this, even if in a gesture. How can the SRK community do this?


Getting jumped doesn’t mean shit if the threat of jail time, fines and other law shit doesn’t. He’s obviously fucked in the head but you think violence will solve any of that?