SFV Lounge: Cammy at the Falken bottom, Makoto is in final phases, Leo Alex is broken


Any of you guys wanna mess around for a bit?

Need to try new characters.


First match of the night, guy rage quits on the second game.




Playing Falke is pretty relaxing. Don’t know the spacing on anything yet, but its relaxing.

DJ, do you cr.hp or PP as an anti air?

Edit: damn, mexican Karin with lag tactics didn’t want to give me the runback. Is her KK special just a combo ender?

Edit #2: Bopped an Ed player. You really have to mind your ranges because whiffing a button means you’re eating a jumping like no other. Once I managed to stay inside of her magic range, things were Gucci. No idea wtf I’m supposed to do with her v-trigger. Took me 3 games to fire the v-trigger projectile right. :joy:


Someone’s spying on Riki

What an asshole!

Who you calling an asshole !

Fuck you!

FML this thread.


This isn’t some Romeo & Juliet shit, somebody’s being stalked and there’s a restraining order in place.

Fun Fact: Alex can EX Knee Falke’s Forward. HP so…be kinda careful.

Edit: First confirm into super for the win in the Falke mirror. The guy was using Jin colors but did not play like Jin. Bodied the doppleganger for good measure. :pray:


Just a random thought. If secondary vskills are in. I hope we’d have access to both in battle.

Vskill 1 = mp + mk
Vskill 2 = mp + mk + another button. Basically red fadc from sf4.


Yeah so how does that conversation go to you and frosty stabbing each other lol



Your son is an idiot who doesn’t believe in self defense. Even worse he thinks that if your homies jump in to protect you from a person, then that situation is assault. Apparently the UK is such cucks that if your friend protect you from somebody, your friend gets charged with assault.

What’s even worse is that he refered to stalking as:

Basically you should probably teach your son that regardless of how he feels about “violence not solving anything”, violence is still a really good tool to use against people trying to harm you.

Or he can keep being fucking stupid or some shit. Who knows. But he’s gonna drag down LordWillie with his stupidity since L-Dubs doesn’t handle people challenging his point of view on anything too well.



I dunno , I’d dish out a few headers in the UK and Australia. If you guys beat that guy up though I’m prolly Gona be reading about how he came back and shot up final round with a semi.


Clean Kage gameplay!


Oh go fuck yourself shithead. You’re still on that gun control crap when I bailed on the thread?

My problem isn’t my viewpoint being challenged, my problem is exactly what I stated earlier. I don’t like that whenever an issue surrounding a terrible situation comes up, it inevitably turns into people taking shots at each other or making fun of people for their view on things. Last time I just bailed on the thread 'cause that was beginning to happen over people getting fucking shot dead. Yeah make fun of people wishing something would be done about worrying they might die next time they go to a tourney, that’s fucking nice

And before you claim anything about my viewpoint on it based on that last sentence, it’s simply this: there is a problem, but people would rather point fingers or cry about “MUH 2ND AMENDMENT” than do anything, whether it’s better enforcing the laws that already exist, making improvements to said laws (if that was needed), whether it’s getting people help they need…whatever would be needed, people don’t want to have the conversation, so shooting happens, people get upset, people say things about what should be done, then nothing happens and it’s back to business as usual. Shit’s garbage.

At the very least this conversation was about whether or not to beat the shit out of a creep, but I still don’t like how it’s taking something shitty that’s happening to Ricki and turning it into making fun of people here or taking snipes at each other. It’s wack


Double post because I don’t want to start the morning on a negative note, but y’all should commission @DiasFox sometime, I can’t keep hogging all this art to myself!

Hit him up in the discord or somethin’ sometime~


I have been commissioning the guy for very pure, chaste and innocent drawings.
He is a talented one.


Big yikes all round from the boi

There was a tourney on yesterday pre-FR VOD is up in Twitch, Punk played a decent bit of Chun.


Dias did up a thang for my twitch for an emote



…he said like a true American, stuffing his colt in the holster and riding into the sunset.


so this happens when you let the thread run with over 5k posts. now i get why you closed it before all the time :honeybee: