SFV Lounge: It was coming and it CAME HOME. Ono is your Evo 2018 Chamion


Or maybe it’s a cold hard fact

Speaking of Cold. Dropztey Dropped Cody


I knew this would happen!

Dropzey drops again.


No I didn’t


Juri top tier, but where is Falke and what the hell is wrong with Kolin’s face and why is Mika the size of King Kong ?



Kolin’s beautiful, unusual, but still beautiful. Like a young Meryl Streep.


Kolin got that sexy Sajam’s nose.

With a nose like that Cleopatra turned the head of more than one Roman general back in the day.


I haven’t dropped Cody where’s this come from lmao

I’m just not playing only Cody, said I wouldn’t pick another character again. I wanted to play Juri


Man, I really wish Frosty would give Cody another chance.
Feels pretty lonely up in here. :pensive:


That’s the same as dropping him you fraud


If you peoples interpretation of maining someone is to only play them and never have fun with other characters you guys are all boring as fuck


Like how bored you are with Cody :wink:


What sort of monster drops their MANLY main to go play with a younger girl.
For shame!


“Baby I love you, you are my world, nothing in this world will tear us apart” - Fruzty as he cucks Cody with Juri


Updated first post


Abandoning one’s main is the most disgusting thing a person can ever do. It’s even worse when they keep their old avatar on while they talk about the new characters they’re using!

By the way, does anyone have any cool Falke tech to share?


If you haven’t seen it yet, Falke tech video. Random stuff in there.

Also I’ve been using meaty dive setups after crush counter sweep. Hit it on last active frame you dive into their body with no bounce. Creates true 50/50 combo that’s still plus 1 if they block it. Like using it to set up VTC or if I just know I can fish for it against a certain button. If you slightly mistime they dive still get a not terrible situation if they dont immediately react with a DP or have slow AA buttons. Can mix it up with safe jumps after HKD.


Froztey a quitter.

We’re living in the darkest era.


I better watch this because if I run into a Birdie, a Sim, a Cody, a Fang or a Menat at today’s tournament, I am picking my day 2 Falke and try to at least have a minimal chance of winning.


Yeah one thing I should probably check out is the OS charging. Hopefully you dont have to fight the Fang player, but the other matches are doable. I like fighting Birdie and Cody.


I don’t see that particular super diamon Fang player that destroyed me on Razer tournament Wednesday signed for this round of CBSFV, but I know that there are a few GMs Birdies and Sims there.
There is no way I will win against them, even more so with a day 2 Falke, but hell, if I am matched against one of them, I will pick her just to gain experience.

I don’t need more experience on how those MUs suck with Gief, and considering Thursday night, my Sakura skills are way too rusty to pose a challenge to them. If I am losing, I will woman up and lose with day 2 Falke.