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DevilJin’s S4 Zoning Tier List

DevilJin’s S4 Actual Early Super Accurate Guess Tier List


Rashid, Ibuki, Akuma = These 3 being up top is actually pretty familiar to S2. 3 characters that just fit what is strongest in SFV’s meta up at the top. People say that defensive options aren’t everything in this game, but these 3 are near clearly the top 3 in the game and it’s clearly partly because they all have 3 frame jabs/specials, EX DPs and other outlier tools like wall jumps, movement v reversals or parry armor to get out of shit. Why just steamroll when you can steamroll, protect your space and protect your neck. These 3 also have the best mix of offense/zoning/defense in the game. They are best at close range but they can play something relevant at ever range.

They’ve taken some adjustments, but the only characters that kinda kept them in check got nerfed. Only reason they may not dominate the whole CPT season is that they’re just not THAT much more powerful than everyone else under them (similar to S2). There’s talk of a solid amount of CPT Asian players already moving to one of these 3 characters.

Bipson, Birdie, Mika, Menat = Took about a few minutes to put this together, but believe these are about the true next 4 under the top 3. Bison is obvious. Menat and Guile getting nerfed plus getting randomly a buff or 2 puts him up. The main thing that still keeps Bison is check is that all the grapplers basically got better and he still isn’t great and dealing with command grab characters for too long (fair balance in the meta). Birdie got his 2 worst matchups nerfed (Guile harder nerfed than Menat) so he’s pretty much in the clear this season. There are some other weaker characters in the tier list that give him trouble like Falke, Sagat and possibly now Ryu, but those characters won’t be winning tourneys or nothing.

Mika is still Mika and her bad matches keep getting nerfed. May be the best year Fuudo has had since S1 if it works out. Menat isn’t going anywhere. Her nerfs are enough to keep her out of clear top of the top, but s.MP and s.HP were a huge part of the reason she’s top tier and one of those buttons got buffed. Her offense is still plenty solid before v trigger, her v trigger is still anime AF and soul spark is still a really stupid special move and tips certain matchups over the scale on its own. Her changes basically made Sako Menat a little weirder and basically made Justin’s Menat stronger. Good tradeoff that works for the meta and still keeps the best players of her in contention should they stick with her. Justin may have a really good season if Karin and Menat are both strong.

Karin, Necalli, Kolin, Cammy, Guile, Kage, Gief = This and below start to get a little more ambiguous, but feel this is about the next tier so far. Karin is going to be in a really good spot still, but still going to be facing an uphill battle vs Birdie who’s still going to be strong AF and Menat most likely will still outneutral her pretty hard. Other mid tierish characters can keep her at bay really nicely also. Either way still really strong for sure. Necalli is Necalli. Kolin is still strong AF and bad matchups keep getting nerfed. Still has nearly best 2 bar trigger in the game. Cammy is still Cammy, just have to use different light strings and confirm more bnbs to maintain oki. Stun change is mostly irrelevant I feel and she was close to top tier in S1/2 with the 900 stun any way. Guile ain’t going nowhere. He’s still the best projectile zoner in the game and being able to flood the screen vs shorter ranged characters still gonna be important. Kage isn’t the most neutral crash retardo character in the game, but by and far IMO the second best shoto in the game with lots of meta tools and a VT2 that turns anything he sneezes on into HKD plus heavy stun. Fireball and neutral game is better than people letting on and c.MK fireball true string will have strong applications in neutral.

Gief’s changes to his oki, medium button buffs and universal armor damage reduction changes put him back up there. Still going to have matchups vs characters like Sagat, Falke, Menat and Guile that are going to be pretty bad, but at least he’ll have better opportunity to get in and win than before. Being likely the best grabber again means he will gatekeep Bison who will flood tournaments otherwise.

Cody, Urien, Blanka, Abigail, Zeku, Boxer = Feel this is the next under. All characters that have been solid or gotten significant buffs to be where they are. A couple could be argued to go a place up higher, but not much higher. Abigail is still going to be a problem and anybody who forgot is gonna find out pretty soon.

Row before the worst = All have their good things, but all also have glaring weaknesses in neutral, offense, defense or meta that have to be pointed at. Some are pretty good as counter pick characters or compliments to another better character’s worst matchups.

Ed, Nash, Vega = Just no real reason to use these characters other than to counter pick with a worse version of another character you could counter pick with. Still just have glaring issues with meta and don’t particularly beat anyone interesting that you can’t beat with someone else.

F2P still coming

Since he requested I will @Frost cuz he got W W W W WASHED by Highland’s Roo man. Oh and congrats on the Cody buffs so you can continue playing the mayor.

Worst SRK CFN Warriors

  1. Akhos (mainly because he is picking up Abi and there’s no way that’s going to last, way to be a bad CFN warrior again)
  2. Twinblades (still stuck in Super Diamond hell cuz he sux)
  3. Bea (this will probably change as buffs start to simmer in)
  4. Doctrine Dark (get that ass blacklisted laggy spammer cammy)

SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming
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Yeah I took a couple of games, but the first was just luck that you couldn’t anti-air me and the second time was because you didn’t have the grasp on how easy it is to ignore Psycho Snatcher. At no point did I feel that I actually outplayed you or that I took advantage of something in the matchup. Chun outright ignores a lot of Ed’s tools in the matchup and his buttons are just strictly inferior in every way to Chun.

The only reason I think Die has it 5.5/4.5 is that Chun wasn’t that punishing before, so she had to play relatively perfect otherwise a bad mistake could cause a steamroll. I don’t think that’s the case this season. Personally, I feel that if a matchup comes down to a player making a mistake, then the matchup is 7-3 or worse. Because honestly there is nothing for Ed to realistically take advantage of in the matchup.


Just curious, why do you close a thread after what is it 5K posts?


Ed has a fireball, Chun dies to fireballs. Use Ed’s fireball. She’s slow as shit so jumping it isn’t a great option. Going under with cr.mp can get baited hyper badly with making her wiff into Ed’s cr.mk xx upper. Her buttons though good, can get snatched up by Ed’s st.hk. Also she can be wiff punished wi5h Ed’s. V skill.

I don’t know if I’d put it in Ed’s favor. He has to use fireballs and she has ways around that, though they aren’t great. She uses lots of pokes and that’s st.hk fodder, but unless Ed’s spacing is perfect, she can probably punish with cr.lk xx ex legs. She can also do cr.lkx2 on Ed’s wakeup and still block his ex psycho upper. But ed hits like a hammer and can destroy her in 2 guesses.


I feel like Ryu has a very similar match up structure to Sagat, but Sagat has a better game plan overall.

I could see someone using Sagat to counter a match up, but I’m not sure I could say the same for Ryu.

I think on my fantasy list, Sagat is still higher by a line.


new thread new ed


All those playing the Doa6 beta. The netcode seems improved all of a sudden. Go give it a try!


I was playing it before I had no problems generally. Only issue was a few wifi people(who you can now thankfully spot ahead of time). Overall DoA6 demo gets a big thumbs up from me other than theres no characters I would actually play in it(Bass or Tina pls), but thats whatever I guess.



So this is were everyone went.





The answer to life, the universe and everything is play Gief.


So if ryus dk is super negative on block then why do people say it’s a good poke?


DoA online seems fine. Picking non-Wifi 5 bars usually gets you a decent game, meaning we finally have a Japanese fighting game that doesn’t play worse than its predecessor online (hi there, SFV and SCVI). A bit sad that I feel like pointing it out but that’s where we are.

No idea which character I’d play in that game though so I’m not sure if I’ll subscribe to PS+ again for it. I always liked Nyotengu but she was so slow that I couldn’t bother with her more than a few matches in a row. I liked Mila but she always felt like only 2/3rd of a character. Rachel unfortunately isn’t in this game, otherwise it’d be a Day One purchase.


What do you mean by finally?

Ah I forgot, Anime isn’t fighting, it’s party games.


I’m not following anime games too much but unless you could BB Tag as a follow-up to Blazblue, there hasn’t been a proper sequel to any of these games, has there? I mean I played a bunch last gen (BlazBlue, Battle Fantasia, Persona 4 Arena) and I’m pretty sure there’s no BlazBlue 2, Battle Fantasia 2 or Persona 5 Arena out there.

That said don’t take my words for gold, it’s just that SF, SC etc. are some of the biggest names in the genre so it’s a bit sad to see them being outperformed by their previous versions on inferior console hardware.