SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming


More Juri downplay when she’s easily mid tier. Smfh


That’s my point, the starting point is a secret character not designed for competitive play. That a terrible starting point for a character.

Yun has not been consistently top tier, and the things you mentioned have not been a constant in SF. Really, you comment about dive kick is only SF4, in 3S he is top because of Genei-Jin. Hell, he is’t even consistently top tier in every version of SF3 or SF4.

Yun really has just been “memorably” top tier.

Akuma however, is consistently top tier, and even when he’s not at the top… he’s close. The only mediocre version of Akuma i can think of is SFxT.


the characters that give me most trouble are the ones that I lab the most though, like M.Bison
@Eskills Juri’s is fine overall but I think that in Gold you’re probably better off with a 1000 health and easy to use character, that’s why you see characters like Uiren and Bison so high in the stats online


Urien isn’t easy to use


Urien’s hard when you go for his optimized things like the f.mp side switch but he’s preatty easy to win with at gold just by sticking to his most basic stuff


Most Gold Urien’s I see are total garbage but they have their Aegis setups on lock.


you don’t even need that, is neutral his really good, his AAs really solid (and st.hk will stop any crossup attempt which is a gold player favourite tactic) he gets really good oki from almost all his enders and has a decent damage output.



he’s hard when you use him properly and easy when you don’t?

literally the same case for every character in any FG ever, if you’re bad and don’t try, every character will produce the same amount of difficulty.


are you unable to read?


Wtf is hard about playing Urien?


I can read, you saying only using basic stuff is easy is fucking stupid, that’s EVERY character.


Thing with Urien is you gotta really dedicate that lab time. Easy to get attached to fake aegis stuff that’ll get blown up by people that know the data. But after you’ve labbed your setups this fucker is mad auto pilot lmao.


You mean that getting by with mostly using basic stuff is easier for some characters, in this case urien ?

Like getting by with basics as Urien gets you to let’s say gold, while basic Gief is silver ( just an example ).



yeah I said that at gold rank you’re probably better off playing a character like urien since he’s pretty effective and easy even by just sticking to his basic stuff.
Skort got it


Weren’t Urien cross under setups nerfed by S2.5? I remember no longer being able to do it in the corner after cr.HP x2 unless I dashed which totally gives away the side switch.


Hard to play Urien is 3S Urien. SF5 one is basically a “Baby’s first Aegis coloring book” compared to that.


On meterless DPs I kind of agree with Froztey, the way the input buffer works and how the blockstrings are designed doesn’t mesh.
The problem it’s that you then have Dictator (or fucking rashid) where he can blockstring his ass into a safe position where if you still basically have to guess even if it’s technically your turn, the correct thing would be to blow up his string with an invincible reversal, but most of the cast resets to neutral on EX DP and V-reversal is kinda ass, plus both option make the defender, who’s probably behind, sacrifice resources for very little, if any, reward.


Anyone with real DPs doesn’t have to deal with G’s wheel kick. Juri not only has a DP to stuff that shit she has st. Hp, st. Mk and light pinwheel to punish or contest after blocking it. She does not have to deal with G’s wheel kick shenanigans at all.


then my reactions are utterly garbage, it’s one of those moves whose startup seems invisible to me, just like Alex stomp or headbutt


I heard he’s actually from Chicago and just trolls people by being in the NextLevel dojo.