SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming


I dunno, i think it is only an issue if the DP could be done on reaction, thus making pressure impossible. As long as the DP is a guess, then just blocking it is an option.

And blocked DP’s in this game get punished hard (I like this), like, anime hard.


Wheel kick is quite slow and requires some spacing to make it safe, if he’s using it consistently you are giving him way too much space to maneuver. In my experience the best way to handle G is to rushing down recklessly or turtling him, as in just hold downback and not care if he’s safe on block as long as you have the life lead.


yeah I agree but that move is exactly what stops me from rushing him down, even if I try to look out for it i just can seem to see it


Alex stomp/headbutt and G wheel kick are mad slow. If you got a DP grind them reactions, no reason to hold that shit.

Edit: Also if your walking forward wheel kick ain’t hitting at the ranges where Juri can’t punish with her 3 frame lights or st. Mk.


yeah I think it has more to do with the animation rather than with the speed of the move itself, I do train at reacting to them but I don’t really see any improvement, even if I set the dummy to do it at random togheter with other moves I still know that shit is coming so it’s always half a read and it doesn’t transalte well into real matches


Have you checked your controller and monitor for lag? You might be losing some frames there.

Did you try that human reaction speed test we were posting in here earlier?


yeah I got something inbetween 242 and 262, my monitor shouldn’t have that much lag and i use a mechanical keyboard so i don’t think it’s that.
I use an autohotkey scripts for my key bindings which add a tiny bit of lag but I don’t think it’s it’s worse than what PS4 players had before the input lag reduction


Optimized Nemo/RB Urien is legit difficult. Most of the Uriens online don’t have half of the counter hit, one hit confirm or charge combos that they do. A lot of Urien’s fanciest Aegis stuff involves very specific spaced combos with frame perfect oki also. Difference between top Urien and regular online Urien is pretty big. Which is a good thing.

3S Aegis is more manually difficult to perform and RX movement Urien is pretty much shit that almost only RX can do, but the trade off is you get a character that’s pretty dry in neutral before the Aegis. SFV Urien is much more of a character pre Aegis than 3S Urien.


So can you do anything else besides dp Alex’s stomp/headbutt? I mean regular normals won’t beat those right?


neutral jump.


That certainly hasn’t always been true.

During the SFA era, I remember a comment being made where they admitted that they intentionally aimed to make Akuma strong in the game due to his story power level, just as the intentionally aimed to make Dan weak in the game due to his story power level.

That was an era when many players openly argued against attempts to balance fighting games. There was a false belief that attempting to balance a game would make it less interesting, that the only meaningful balance required making everyone identical. People, particularly those that favored high-mid or above tier characters, argued in favor of having a number of low tier characters for players who “wanted a challenge”. (At the same time, people that played low tier characters were often viewed negatively for not “playing to win”.)

Others sided with Capcom’s “story power levels”, or took it to greater extremes. Particularly when it gave them excuses to call for any characters they didn’t like to be shoved down the list.

There was also a belief that it only mattered if all your match ups evened out. A character that only had 3-7 and 7-3 match ups was considered to be as balanced as a character that had only 5-5 match up.


You can AA headbutt with buttons. Regular stomps are -5 on block, get that punish. Gotta hold EX since it’s +2 on block. I think you can neutral jump stomp and headbutt, but I don’t play against Alex enough to bother testing.


Neutral jump is one of the better things you can do vs Alex down charge special stuff. Best thing to do is just hold back and block the stomp (plus 2 isn’t the end of the world and minus is your turn back) and then neutral/jump out of ex headbutt grab if you can eye it. Most of beating Alex is basically not being afraid to block and V Reversal. Alex players have to bank on the hope that you will get antsy and not want to sit and block his command grab baiting.

Although ex headbutt grab is near the point of unreactable depending on situation there’s usually pretty obvious points where he wants to go for it that are usually dealt with the same way you can deal with stomp. Alex players don’t really want to have to bank on that move because it it does miss/whiff they are taking a full combo.


So you can see wether it’s a stomp or command grab and react fast enough? That’s kinda too fast for me. Also none of those moves can hit you if you’re airborn?


you can’t react to command grabs, you have to commit to a read by judging your opponent’s behavior and tendencies


Not to take away from what you’re saying but I find sfv urien harder than 3s urien. I can do the tackle tackle headbutt and the dash up headbutt or kneedrop but I can’t do the advanced urien aegis resets in sfv.


Like maybe an Alex player can visually see the difference between EX Stomp and EX headbutt if they know the character well enough, but jumping beats both usually so don’t have to see them really. Like said best to do is just block first then jump away if you see him come down. EX stomp comes down fast enough that there isn’t really a reason to jump, but if he hangs in the air then its likely the grab that’s coming.


Sorry but I hella disagree about the divekicks in 3s. They were really oppressive in most matchups. There were different ways to delay the divekicks to deal with quick rise and regular recovery. They were nearly full screen tools that setup for meaty setups. They could be utilized to return to neutral whenever he wanted so that they never had to deal with awkward set play scenarios. It wasn’t just a sf4 thing.

Maybe for balancing I can see where you are coming from, but then I must beg the question… why aren’t they making all characters like that?


I never saw him mention Yun’s 3S dive kicks specifically.

Either way Yun/Yang dive kicks are pretty strong in 3S and mainly because they also hit overhead which is really cheap. The balancing factor in 3S is that they can be parried high or low so even the worst character has at least a decent OS defensive option against them running dives. SFIV doesn’t have anything like that so you have to do all of this galaxy brain shit to deal with dives that in that game. Rufus’ dive recovered faster than 3S Yun dives. He could do them ultra low to the ground and then immediately come back up to do more as like a built in hop shimmy.


@DevilJin_01 pretty much said what i would have about 3S dives.

What do you mean by “make all characters like that”? I’m not sure I understand well enough to respond?