SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming


People hate urien in sfv cause of the way people play him online and it doesn’t help that SFV makes you feel like you should play him in a super yolo braindead way which a lot of other characters are like birdie Laura,Ken,bison, Sakura and maybe Mika are examples of that


The type of playstyle creates headaches and makes me want to turn off the game.


No neither hits in the air. If you see an Alex obviously sitting on crouch block or whiffing a bunch of crouching normals, just jump when he goes up. Its very uncommon for them to do a jumping normal from that obvious crouching position.


Ibuki’s dash is basically impossible to react to online, why this game has to be full of this much dumbfuckery. To add to the offense she also have really good buttons and AAs, srsly


You can manage the “unreactable” moves/dashes in this game but you have to get better at recognizing when that stuff is likely to happen. Players that are doing a bunch of dumb stuff are usually playing in obvious patterns. They react to the same situations the exact same way most of the time. Especially in Gold/SG/Plat. You have to figure out what that stimulus is.

Stop yourself from just trying to raw react to everything. Sfv gives you too much to watch out for and youre going to constantly be on your heels. You have to figure out how to narrow the scope of whats coming and you’ll be much better prepared to react


The Bison Hate-mongering in this thread in the last 50-100 or so posts has been real, and offends the very fiber of my being. This is my cue to leave as I feel tremendously unwelcome with all this negative energy around… Goodbye Everyone.

So long…






Sounds like a bunch of malarkey. He isnt Necali easy, buy no way he is as hard as advertised. Specially when you have long buttons than work and a silly v-trigger.

Super duper optimal is always hard but rarely necessary.


Average level of play he isn’t that hard (basically plays like a weaker Rashid), but the actual top level Urien you see in tournaments is a lot of work. He has stuff that’s easy and high damage, but the ways you can actually take damage from Urien are much lower compared to Rashid or Bison if you don’t have that near Nemo level of optimization.

Top level Urien is legit difficult.


I try to do as you say (for example against Ibuki i watch out for her dash, with Kage for his dive kick and v skill etc.) but it’s really hard to do, I’ve just played a set against an ultra silver Alex, managed to win since he was way too predictable but the amount of times he jumped on me for free was embarassing.
Lately it seems to me like that dashing, jumping and using forward moving normals and specials is just too much heavily rewarded even more than in bronze.
Also I don’t know why but online everything seems impossible to react to


May not help everyone, but ibuki audio cues help me stuff her raw command dash nonsense. Not to mention it has 23-26 frames of recovery. Gotta hold some of the VTrigger or air reset shenanigans.

AA game has to be one of your top priorities in SFV. Opponent is rewarded too much for jumpins if you let em’ do it for free. You got Juri, her AA game is fantastic. Hit that st. Hp mans.


oh c’mon, st.hp has 8 startup frames and 2 active frames, the hitbox is good but it will often trade with heavy jumping attacks or straight out lose against buttons like Blanka’s, Sakura’s or Guile’s j.hk.
And don’t get me started on her DP, that shit need to get fixed.
But in all honesty I would get jumped on for free even with Akuma, I’m just that slow


For fucks sake, if you’re trading “you” fucked up. And there ain’t shit wrong with her DP. It’d be a different issue if you actually played a character with a shit AA game, but Juri has st. Hp, cr. Hp and fucking dp.

How you can say Urien has good AAs and his cr. Hp is 7 frames and st. Hk is 12. Shit doesn’t make any damn sense.


Anyone want to play for a bit?


where to start…
first thing her mp DP has 6 startup frames instead of the usual 4 this makes so that only the very first active frame is invincible but wait now comes the funny part, it only has an hitbox for the first two frames before disappearing only to come back 4 frames later :smiley:
You can check it here
st.hp is decent, Urien cr.HP is better since it’s 1 frame faster, his hurtbox is lower since it’s a crouching move and it stays active pretty much forever.
St.hk is really slow but on the bright side is a throw and forget AA that basically negates every crossup attempt


Need to AA? Juri’s dp works, period. She has one of the best AA kits in the game.

Might as well play a different character instead of just blaming the tools low tier Juri has.


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I’m all for working on my weaknesses and trust me, I try.
But Juri’s AA game being stellar? C’mon


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