SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming


Nightmare fuel. Didn’t know juri was a zombie.


Heres my advice to you. Stop thinking in terms of what should or should not be rewarded. Think in the what works and what does not work and only control what can be controlled. Living in the hypothetical place is just going to make you constantly question yourself and its going to make you salty about things that are outside of your control. While it is still possible to improve in the hypothetical mindset, its much more difficult than if you just focus on the things you can actually affect.

The process of knowing what to look out for then reacting and countering is something thats only going to come to you with experience and practice.

If youre stuck in the lower ranks its not because (X) is too hard to react to or (X) player is a nut or this character is too strong or weak. The actual problems are internal.


Uriens execution is very difficult for the advanced stuff. I main him and don’t do any advanced execution stuff. Tbh all that work for what is basically a bunch of gimmicks doesn’t appeal to me. Even Nemo and RB are getting less and less aegis stuff to work consistently from what I’ve seen. It used to be that you would see them getting crazy aegis stuff off once every 3 rounds or so… but now it feels like it happens waaay less. The aegis stuff is largely gimmick based, you know where the crossup comes from and can look for it, or it “only” crosses up… etc etc

There are some legit cheesy setups though, but it’s still like tough setting these things up.


Y’all can call me crazy but uriens damage from aegis is small especially after a few nerfs and system changes that indirectly nerfed him further he’s not scoring damage like ibuki birdie or anyone else unless he goes for those crazy hard resets


I’ve run into uriens using vt2 a lot more often in S4.


It was in 4. In SFV I’d call her AA game firmly average, same as the rest of her kit. Her dp loses to stall n fall mix-ups, and her AA normals are heavy buttons with few active frames, so they’re slow and also losing to air stalls.

Cammy and most shotos have great AA.


I think we need to stick to the grid @FlyingVe


Grid 4 eva

There is a reason they added 3 more music tracks for that damn stage and it ain’t because they think people are spending that much time in training mode


What kind of resident evil u even playing ?

I think i know.


That’s 15f at best, but, 16 on Average. Tagging ibukis command dash should be possible for you. This assumes the hardware from the reaction test is the same as the hardware you play on. And if so…

Listen to Mike Hall. And watch your opponents character not your own. Practice.

(I’d check that key binding thing for an extra 100ms just to be sure)


GGs @FlyingVe. You are definitely way better than I am.

Sorry I don’t have Ahkos’s stamina, after three sets I’m already running on fumes.

Hope the connection was okay for you. Other than when we tried the China stage it was pretty good on my side.


GG’s. he connection was mostly fine for me. There were a few burps here or there but nothing major.

Weirdly I didn’t have any problems on the China stage (I hate the training stage so much).

I wouldn’t say either of us were better. I’ve never really played against Sakura… So I was kinda just trying stuff and mashing into all kinds of traps.


I’ve almost given up on ibuki and went back to the good ole Bonita bombshell. Ibuki just doesn’t click with me for some reason. I did learn two things from her though. One I never realized how fucking slow Laura’s walk speed is. And two just how good ibukis vt is I’m not taking sets but I’m taking rounds easily just off popping vt2.

Sorry @skort tagged you on accident


Unless they changed something from season 1, juris cr.hp was a terrible anti air


tbf that test basically measures your twitch reactions to a very specific stimulus, in a game where you trying to keep in check an Ibuki from jumping, dashing, pressing f.hk all the while trying to be aware about your position and options is going to be way harder


I think I had a bit of an edge there then since I used to play Kolin quite a bit before the griminess of her VT2 kind of soured me on using her. I’ve also played against Twin’s Kolin more times than I can count.

I think there might be a few other stages we could try next time. I’m not sure if Cammy’s stage lags like some of the others. If not we could use that.


Oh its no big deal. I’m more complaining about SFV netcode than you.


No you can’t low parry the divekicks. So that already takes out one of the most powerful os in 3s, the SGGK. Genei jin was way more oppressive in 3s than sf4. He could gain half of his meter back after it had gone away and had it back in no time. Sf4 has invincible backdashes, focus attack, plenty of os to deal with it. Not to take away from how good he was but there were probably more options to deal with it than in 3s. Realistically, there is only one game that Yun was in where he wasn’t particularly amazing, and that was CvS2. To say that he was only “remembered” for being a top tier is absurd because any relevant game he has been in, he has been so insanely powerful.

But if you guys want the twins in the game, can’t change the sentiment. But most people don’t and there is a good reason for that.


Why aren’t they making all characters interesting and strong at what they do? Akuma has aspects of a shoto but also has the ability to be heavy on vortex and movement. The balancing should work so that the strengths of each character are shown through their design. For example, Ryu is about fundamental play in every SF ever. Therefore, his fireballs should be strong, his anti air should be strong and his normals should focus on midrange play. The balance between zoning and rushdown. However, it’s only now after 4 seasons that this might even become a reality and we don’t even know if that’s true or not.

That’s what I meant by that comment.


Lol fool. You dropped Ibuki for Cable.

Why do you start Cable against Mags? You dont get the safe DHc in, but it feels like Sentinel has an easier time fighting mags when he has an assists.