SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming


Lol the illwill running the mvc2 stream is a different guy.
I’m trash at that game any way so your comment could still stand lol.


It hasn’t even been a month and we are already close to making another thread. You guys need to calm down.


But what is Akuma bad at? Health?

Akuma by his very nature is supposed to be good at everything… and that’s why hes always a problem.


They should make Akuma’s health 800. Give that man the real 3S experience again.


balancing around health never resulted in anything good, either you have a character too squishy to really put his tools to use or a character so good that the low health doesn’t really matter anyway


Didn’t work for Seth.

Not that a lack of health isn’t important… but it usually doesn’t offset raw capability. At least not until it starts getting really dangerous.

Take Kage for example… would giving him 1000 health fix him?


Lol I remember that “kill akuma in 2 combos challenge”.


Anyone up for some sets?


I think lack of health mostly just makes bad match-ups end faster rather than affect who you beat or lose to at a tools level


I think that’s pretty much what he is bad at. Glass cannon. If everyone was good at what they did though, I feel like the matchups would be very different.


Sure, but in offline training mode vs G wheel kick?
LK version at lowest President meter is 20f, so with 5f input lag then yeah, you can’t do that on reaction with a twitch average over 15f.

MK version at Pres level 2 is 22f. That’s doable for you. Right?


idk man, even when I’m really focusing on it I have a lot of trouble even seeing the move before it’s too late, I did fight a G in ranked about 20 minutes ago and managed to AA it once but if I have to be honest it was more of a read than a reaction.
Maybe with practice it would get better, doesn’t help that all the G I find seem to lag a lot


@GetTheTables I just got back and can play in a little while, fixing dinner first


I’d say punishing the wheel kick with a DP is in the “doable, but not viable” catagorie, since you’ve also got two dash straights and a fireball to watch for, also jump.

Better to just walk forward and take a turn back when you block it or go for a light xx special punish. Best way to get used to it is to just do the punish regardless ( if it’s safe that is), then you get a punish if you get it, you get a block if you don’t.

There is a range where G can set up his wheel kick so that your counter button whiffs and he whiffs your whiff. I doubt that’s happening at gold though.


it’s happening although I’m not sure they’re doing it on purpose but it wouldn’t be the first time I see some players do that, it is after all a big part of characters like Bison and Rog and it’s not even that hard when all you have to do is space a safe special move


If that’s happening then you just abandone the punish and go for your medium (st.mk) to take your turn back.

You could also try jumping , although G’s AA is quite good at swatting shit out the air both sides.

Personally I don’t think it’s a good idea to concentrate on doing one marginal thing, because what happens is you’ll tunnel vision yourself into that scenario and your growth in the match up will stagnate. Unless of course the dudes are doing full screen HK wheels.

Go into training room, record G doing a bunch of wheel kicks, then just use all your buttons in combination with specials to see if you can set up maybe a nice space where he has to guess now.



Brah I dropped so many points this past weekend and I wasn’t even on tilt. Look at some of my ranked matches man or watch my battle lounge sets with Pookie. I’m gettinng frustrated being the worst player on SRK


Sounds good. I’ll be around. Invite whenever. :ok_hand:


do you have a account on the tym forum?


Why the fuck would I have an account there?