SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming


good, might frustrate you just much more :bee:


I’ll have a squizz tonight mate, at work. Be cool if we could watch replays through the net!


And to think I used to also sound this pathetic



@stronzolo From a Gold(ish) G players perspective LK Spin Kick can be pesky but if the other person is mobile it is harder to space and if they are throwing out buttons it feels like for me it loses more than it wins unless I catch them really early with it.

I definitely wouldn’t tunnel vision on trying to DP it or anything. Just blocking is gonna be a lot safer and you won’t miss out on other shenanigans.

It seems like with Juri it would be better as an anti-spin kick strat to walk into range where it is definitely -5 or poke a bit more with stuff like st. MK. But I haven’t labbed that to see if it would beat it so take that specific bit with a grain of salt.


I mean I don’t really care but okay. But again this just proves you’re better than me :slight_smile:


Damn CFN says 3 bars

Doesn’t necessarily feel that bad though


All it proves is you’re a sorry little bitch boy who isn’t improving because your attitude is shit


Now 5 bars.

CFN truly is Japanese wizardry


CFN is, in the words of @Frost , bullocks. My PC to PS4 is 3 bars and they are like 5ft a part. Heck I played some dude from the EU last night on a 4 bar and it was perfect. Played 5 bar against another American and it was rollbacky as fuck.


Jumped back into rank today and was reminded why I don’t play that mode more. Foreign flags everywhere, rage quitters, and one and dones. So irritating. Why is there no region or wifi restriction option!?! Lunacy.


@getthetables you wanna play a couple before you play@akhos?


I dont want it for balance, I just wanna see him get bodied.

Shitty SF5 kids cant handle low health Akuma. Next level bitches tbh.


Playing him now actually.:grin:

If you’re around after I’m up for games. I should be good and demoralized by that point and easy prey.


also… turbo button blanka…


I know it’s getting late but I’m still around if you want to play a couple of sets. If not no worries.


GGs @GetTheTables

Note, I only went Mika because of that “I should be good and demoralized” part, but I’m not sure it helped :sweat_smile:

You want me to put any of those up or nah


GGs man. Appreciate the games as always.

And yeah the Mika switch didn’t exactly help.:grin: It’s part losing the mojo of feeling like I’m starting to figure out how to play vs the primary character and another part that you beat my ass just as bad with her so I felt even worse (i.e. getting beat as bad by the secondary).

It was at least good practice in managing game rage. At another point in my life the round that ended with the double walk up giant swing would have likewise ended with me pitching my stick through my monitor. Thankfully now that I am older and wiser both are intact.

I certainly wouldn’t mind feedback but I also feel like it may be getting redundant. I need to play a lot more to have a G that is worth a fuck; I’m missing all kinds of basic stuff on top of you dancing all around me (which is something that I would need to learn to work around anyways with such a slow character). And Jesus Lord do I need to get better at AA’ing. I think I legit did 5 the whole time. I tunnel vision on the ground super hard and then “oopsies”.

Somewhere in the middle of those drubbings I just wanted to throw in the towel but thankfully (?) I am stubborn.

Now I’m gonna eat a Cadbury egg and drink a beer so I feel better.


Yeah I think that’s why Mocha was saying he wasn’t so keen on G’s anti-airs. You have to split your attention too much to use them properly, even if their hitboxes are good. I outright stuffed the one V-skill you tried to do, traded with your crhp and I think the others were all air to airs.

Just gotta hit buttons and walk around while keeping an eye on the sky.


I’m still on, hopefully I have a good enough connection. Just lmk.