SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming


cr.HP I’ve found works okay-ish as the “oh shit” AA button, such that he has one. The other two are way harder call outs.

In these cases though it wouldn’t have mattered if I had an EX DP; it was that situation where I’d see Ed/Mika jump and be like “huh they are jumping I guess I should AA oh wait it’s way to late I guess I’ll just block :cry:”.

I need way more match XP with that kinda shit.

Also how did the YGO local go?


Still around. I’ll shoot an invite.


Could you give me like 3 minutes and I’ll brb?


Sure no prob :ok_hand:


@getthetables Do you want me to keep playing Laura or is it cool if I use ibuki. I only ask because I’m still legit bronze level with her and you may get bored. But I’m trying to learn her


Yeah true you can’t actually parry the dive kicks low, but OS generally covers anything that isn’t like super low to the ground. Parry gives an option to slow down the dives that you don’t get in a game without them. If not for Genei Jin, Yang probably ends up being a better character than Yun.

I’m with you though, Cammy’s nerfed dives are already annoying as they are even though they are more in line with what dives should be. If twins don’t make it I’m good. I’ll deal with one mostly dive spam free SF game.


anyone up for some game?


No worries man play whomever.

My G is poo poo so it is good practice for all!


The problem with Genei Jin is that all of his normals got super priority. SF4 didn’t have a priority system so there’s no way for that silliness to have carried over in 4. As soon as he powers up, he can just hit normals and you have to risk a parry or hold all of it.

5 on the other hand…don’t know that they’d be so donkeyheaded as to give all of his normal heavy priority while in Genei Jin mode if he was in and activated it.


All those supers where on accident I swear :confounded: this is the last try with ibuki @getthetables


Haha I figured :slight_smile: It tends to happen a lot when switching chars. I did a shitload with G at first.


I’m trying to get dashes and I’m doing dp motions and supers. :joy:


I think I’m going to get off of here I obviously need more practice :joy::joy:


GGs man. Glad we finally got to play! The connection was okay on my end. Got just a touch rollback-y when we were off the Grid but nothing super bad.

Your Laura is saucy. I forgot what it is like to fight against her.

Trying to work on another character in this game is straight up painful IMO. Your general floor of skill helps but without any good muscle memory it feels fucking terrible in matches for quite a bit. I’m still at the “fumbling with my dick out” stage with G and that is after a good couple hundred ass beatings at the hands of Akhos and the like.

I’m gonna try to be more consistent getting matches in so hopefully I can actually work on the issues I see. Then I can find a whole new batch of flaws to feel bad about. :upside_down_face:


@getthetables Thanks man next time I’ll keep it on grid when I pick. Finally we got to get some games in. Your G is coming along nicely especially no longer than you’ve been playing him.

You were there second person I ever played against using ibuki and I’ve got a long ways to go. Thanks for sticking it out for those games I know it had to be getting boring bashing my head in lol. I’mma keep trying to get some muscle memory going and I’ll be back for revenge :wink:.


Capcom really has put themselves in a corner with SF5 with the competitive side of players.

At this point s4 needs to be something drastically different for people to be ok with this lame roll out. If it’s just a mode “arcade v2” and a character with changes to getting fight money… Alot of people might actually quit.

I can’t imagine being in the dark all this time only to get another story more some fight money changes and a character I might have 0 interest in like Honda or viper :confused:


How? By all accounts, season 4 seems to have the best balance out of all 3 years of the game. News are hilariously slim right now for the game, but people are enjoying playing it the most they’ve had in its lifespan.

Sure some characters could use some help, but all in all it seems to be at its best so far gameplay wise.


I think this is the best season, but you’re not going to get any new players now, so your base is pretty much set. I guess they are probably tossing up how to squeeze the last bit of cash out the game.

With MK and Samurai Showdown coming out, you can kiss the casual market good bye.

They probably need a way of getting existing players to splash the cash.


So made my way to Ultra Silver tonight… and I want to vent… So take this with a grain of salt.

If I were in charge I would change:

-Remove invulnerability from Supers. I’m tired of invulnerable moves leading to huge damage… I don’t care how much meter it costs. The opponent Playing dynamite in RPS should not be able to cost you almost half your health.
-Longer tech window on throws. I’m tired of the “I teched… but I didn’t get the tech” as a thing.
-Slightly More pushback on mediums on block.
-Triple the activation time for all Install V-triggers (5>15). The free mixup you get from VTC is ridiculous. And since your character is in “stupid mode” when it activates, the whole match can be decided by that one gamble.
-Give Kolin a faster walk speed.
-Rebalance the rollback/delay ratio. I think the game could handle a touch more delay before it starts rolling back. That way a slightly bad connection wouldn’t cause teleports as easily.
-Get rid of negative edge… I don’t know who this helps, but it mostly causes shit to come out when you don’t want it.
-Sweeps have more untech time on normal hit. Seriously, what are most sweeps for in this game? High risk>no reward.
-Make all designated AA normals cause a slight juggle state. There’s alot of times when you AA someone, and you don’t even have frame advantage. I would rather everyone just get a small combo than deal with this silly-ness.
-Jump-ins have less hitstun. If you want the beefy combo, you gotta go deep.
-Remove ability to cross up opponents in the corner.
-Add back tech for throws.

I may not agree with half of this when I wake up tomorrow… like I said I’m venting.


Most of that is a big NO.

The sweeps getting buffed is a good idea though. One I’ve thought about before. They are hard to buff though because the most common answer to blocked sweep, is to sweep back. So if something like player 1 likes to fish with sweeps sometimes, the worst that happens is usually he gets swept back and the neutral kinda resets. But if sweeps are made better on hit like making them not have backrise (like a throw) well now sweep fishing is much more risky because getting counter swept is a real threat.

Longer tech windows is just no. It’s already a frame bigger than sf4 (3+7 versus sf5 5+6) and that shit was too long as well.

In order to get thrown you have to have fucked up somewhere. You let your opponent dash in, or you didn’t AA, or you got knocked down… etc. a bunch of “yo fault” type stuff, games need to hold hands less and allow people to deal with the shitty situations they put themselves in, unless totally detrimental to the game.

Throws have no range, have low damage, have low to no further mixup ability outside the corner, and startup in 5 frames now which is 2 more than sf4 and 5 more than ST.