SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming


Yes please, seems only legit to buff Kolin some more, while we’re at it why don’t we buff Bison too


Block. It takes work to save all of your EX pressure/damage/reversal dump for that super. It’s the only way to protect yourself that doesn’t lead to counter hit state punish or burning your v bar. I just won a ranked set that I needed to get back in because of wake up Falke super so I need this. Let me have a half screen 4 frame super that reaches 2 plus character lengths forward and vertically to the top of the screen because I like it.

Nah, I’ve played way too many other SF games with shorter tech windows and learned to live with it. In SFV like 3S it’s better to just take the throw which defeats the need for this in general.

Maybe certain ones. Some mediums are frame trap based though so kinda just plays to how to the game works.

I mean you play Kolin so you kinda need this to work for you any way. To me it’s like an A2 Valle activate. Get something powerful to start you off once you’ve built your meters up, but not the end of the world on its own. If they were going to fix this they should have fixed it after season 1. They did a good job fixing it for the characters that it needed fixing on like Rog and Ibuki. Overall though it’s just a part of the meta at this point.

Nope. I play against Neon enough to know that this would be stupid as hell. She’s very mobile and her buttons are pretty strong so she doesn’t need anymore help. She’s like Rashid where she doesn’t need faster walk because her gameplan is very special movement based. Once she gets VT2 she basically becomes a KOF character so no.

Her fighting style is systema which is a more counter/brawl type style so I think it makes sense for her to tread a bit slower walk speed wise than just always be able to walk up to people with frame1/2 counters and a v skill that destroys most attack hit boxes and auto pilot AAs into corner carry if it catches an air button.

This I agree with, but they haven’t really bothered to fix the netcode much from here and don’t think they plan to. Plus the netcode issues are derived from quite a few things.

That’s always been in most fighting games in general (and from my experience only really messes up NRS games) so I’m fine with NE.

Sweeps are more spacing dependent for use. They cause HKD on counter hit so max ranged ones are good for fishing for HKD. Your own character is pretty good at fishing for it and has a 2 hit one that causes HKD on both hits. Kolin’s is one of the best in neutral at max range and all sweeps become at least decent once you get VTC.

Agree with this or something similar, but it’s another one of those they won’t do it things.

This has been a problem in all of the Dimps era SF games so nothing new.

Same as above.

Nope. Dime will have none of this for sure.


Random thought but Mr X from resident evil 2 remake should be added as a guest character in mortal kombat xi.


Only thing I’d change is V on block is -2, cast wide. You can still derp a DP there if you want. I’m sick to shit of knowing what’s Gona happen but it not making a difference.

Also whiff special xx trigger not possible. Akuma basically.

Apart from that probably adding a few more whiff frames to spammy EX world beaters.


Vtrigger cancel on block being plus is pretty dumb,especially from sweeps.

However I do not expect it to be minus anytime soon or at all actually.

The game favors rushdown play and v trigger is a comeback mechanic designed to close rounds and make you feel empowered.

Negative on block will further nerf characters that are having a rough time. Universal changes are not good imo.

What does nees to change for the whole cast are v reversals. I spend v meter to get out then I should get out, not blocked or parried or whatevs. Also 2 way v reversal should be a thing, choosing the side you wanna go.

Strong yes,but you lose your trigger for it so it balances out.


lmfao god damn it I love the dumpster fire of babies Smash holds residence to


We all know that Smash is a hardcore game for grown ups.
Their rules are exceptional thight and punishing!


Or Nemesis to promote REmak3.


Construction on the main road to the place which delayed us for like 30 minutes so we ended up not making it so we ended up playtesting stuff back at my friend’s place for the next 5 hours instead.

So it worked out okay in the end I guess


only just read this but Sakura, braindead yolo?

Are we playing the same game


Didn’t YuGiOh evolve into some shitty game? I know that a lot of games now end in 2 turns in competitive play.

Original YuGiOh is unbeatable tho for sure


At top level it can, but it’s gotten a little better as of late I think

Regardless though locally more people play more stuff so it’s more fun

Plus I had to get back into it 'cause there’s this new archetype who’s name is based around a pun

And it even translates to the card text to get monsters “fur hire”

(Six Samurai are still cool too)


I was always a magician dude, had a nifty dark deck too.

Played a BUNCH of 5Ds on the 360, had #1 spot for a while. Right after synchro is where I think it got out of hand


Was certainly magic when you were conceived my son.


Midway through Synchro I’d say. Power creep really took off at around the time Six Samurai got that broken support and it was around then that I dropped the game again

When Raigeki is legal and you can have 3 copies of Mirror Force but no one still uses it, you know things have gotten crazy XD

Still fun locally though. Funnily enough the power creep made Six Samurai fun again, they stun the strong decks very well 'cause they just stop them from doing what they need to do. So it’s like the old days again for me in a way.


So basically the legacy format for mtg?


yeah, you can special summon/decksift/wombo combo in 1 turn now with a lot of opening hands IIRC

all of the new special type monsters injected into the game sped the tempo up and normal monsters with just decent bodies, or slow burn effects are useless over combo pieces

just have fusion and ritual monsters was enough to keep the game fun, you sacrificed spell utility by running poly to make big drops for free

I think there’s a format for old sets, but some of the old YuGiOh cards are worth a bunch now I think. The booster boxes especially, makes me a sad boi.


I think this is the best season also, I just mean as far as losing people (who play competitively even if its online only) to other games and burnout after 3 plus years and then no information on a upcoming season for 2 months. Also its during a time were a TON of other games are coming out so its easy to get the needle out of your vein.

It finally happen with me with overwatch a couple months ago, and once there is a dry spell you don’t really like the state that the game is in or going and no or very little info coming up… It’s easy for people to be like “yeah I think I’m done” and its hard to get those players back again if ever.


Nah YGO is super trash now. Most games are “break my board or scoop” turn 1 nonsense and has the biggest, most blatant problem with powercreep I’ve ever seen in a game.

Konami also uses the banlist to push product instead of actually balancing the game. It would be like if every new set DLC characters were the best in the game and Capcom only used the patches to nerf the rest of the cast.

Source: played online from Synchro to LINK era until LINK degeneracy became too much.


YGO has always been trash.

Not sure how long you’ve played for but, remember when the wishes first came out and storm players could play 4 burning wishes in type 1? Thats basically. All that happening and no force of wills.

Also a lot of ugly ass art.