SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming


MTG now is a more better place for having multiple formats like commander/edh and pre-modern. Legacy is dying slowing as people now are into modern. Standard is also in a bad situation because of modern format.


I wouldn’t mind this change, I wouldn’t mind ex moves being plus on VT cancel though.


Nah YGO has bomb ass art.

The game used to be good when turns were relatively tame in time and number of cards played. Now every game is watching people play Solitaire with single turns taking upwards of 5 minutes and that’s on a streamlined online client. I can’t imagine how long the turns would in person.


Give Kolin faster walkspeed? That’s how you make cancer lmao.


Also the best Season was S1 don’t @ me.


I’ve done this song and dance before. YGO is ugly. Thats okay. The overwhelming majority of TCGs have shit on it prerty free.

You have to be some sort of deranged ultra weeb or blind to think YGO has good art.


You know whats funny, a guy that owns a card shop here recently went on a rant about how soft and non competitive the newer generation is when it comes to MTG.

Dude is super humble (but competitive) and was like yeah man no one really likes to lose or try to win anymore in card games, like everyone thinks there the best but no one wants to put in the work. He was saying how its some new format that has taken over that’s kinda like a team fight with commanders or something? But he was like yeah he doesn’t play anymore because everyone he plays either quits or gives up and its bad for his business. So he just makes decks and plays casually.

It was weird because he sounds just like aold school fighting game player… and it kind of let me know that the younger generation is really really spoiled and there ego is much more fragile. They’ll quit because spending years trying to improve… and when they feel cheated the complain and make there voice heard with $$$$$$

It was refreshing to know that it just isn’t in my head…the younger generation (29 to 30 on down) is really different… it also was saddening.


YuGiOh artwork is great, the newer stuff is a lil fruity but pre-synchro god damn they hit that perfect spot


best artwork YGO ever produced is this Blue Eyes tho, legendary stuff


Yes, Standard format or T2 in MTG is really not that interesting to build powerful decks, unlike before.

So many nowadays just purchase new release cards to enhance their decks for other formats like modern and commander/edh.


Jinzo prolly one of my fav cards ever, his artwork is sick



Liked for the ultimate deckmaster


man built like a damn fortress



I don’t think that the Yu-Gi-Oh art is bad exactly, so much as the style guide they stick to does very little for me.

MTG for sure has had some godlike artists contribute over the years, and having been around so long it probably wins most best vs best comparisons with any other game.


Bu bu bu my blue eyes white PFFT:

Seriously, YGO art is trash. No real contest when it comes up against the GAWD game. WoW TCG, Force of Will, Keyforge, Lo5R, even old Rage art is still better than anything YGO has pumped out.

The last piece is for the card Temple Garden. got to meet the artist. The man is amazing. Have a print of it that I haven’t framed. :sob:


Magic is too generic for me. It’s better in the way that a diagram of the human body is better than a painting.


My friend owns the comic store across the street from me.

We call Yugioh “Yugimon” because all the same kids played YGO and Pokemon at the same point years ago. Pokemon card game is basically dead at least over here though. MTG still well attended and popular, YGO still played by mostly kids, and uhhhh how do I phrase this nicely…



Yeah…totally generic.


Eh that first one is cool. The rest really don’t do much for me.


I have to stop using this against Birdie.


For your second time out with Ibuki you didn’t do bad at all. Those early games are always super rough. Shit I think I have a couple hundred games in with G (thanks to Akhos Time Chamber sessions) and I still feel awkward. Then I remember that I had to play many many hundreds of games with Laura just to get where I was with her and I tell myself to just keep at it.

I look forward to the Ibuki rematch. :+1: I’m also coming for that Laura once I get my shit together. :fire: :tophat: :fire: