SFV Lounge: Ken is high mid. Kage is barely mid. F2P still coming


Sick magic art


I won’t lie…

Those are some fucked up images.


@Dime and @DevilJin_01

Because you guys were foolish enough to respond to my angry rant :slight_smile:. Like I said, I don’t really agree with half of what I said, a long ranked session can make one salty. But to defend/respond to a couple of my bullets.

-invul in supers is fine. In a perfect world I would give characters better defensive options so it wasn’t needed. But as DJ said, it’s fine you can block it.

-Kolins walkspeed is fine, because dashes are good and VT is degenerate. A lot of characters in this game (and all SF4 era games), Have a way of making me internally scream “pick up your gaddamn feet, I walk faster than you!”.

-I understand Negative edge has been there forever, but who is it helping exactly? It’s not exactly a big problem but outside of NRS games, SF4 era games are the only ones where it’s something I need to consider to avoid things coming out on accident? I can’t fine the benefit? From my understanding this is a holdover from the past where games had tiny input buffers.

-throw back tech. While I would like it (as throws would reset to a hard neutral, ala other games) it is unnecessary.

-regarding sweeps. For many characters I can’t really figure out when I would want to use the sweep? In most punish situations I would rather hit other buttons, and the huge lack of safety at any range makes me question using it in neutral ever. Even Capcom seemed to notice this in the last patch with the Vgauge gain.

-throw tech window. I know full well that street fighter players hold throw strength in high regard (I really don’t intend this comment in a condescending way). But I would point out that SF has the smallest tech window of damn near any game from the last 15 years or so. I’m not advocating something like 30 frames. But even at the highest levels you hear the comment “I teched, but didn’t get it” which mostly means that they didn’t hit the super tiny tech window. Plenty of games have longer tech windows and throws are still plenty strong.


There’s so much great stuff we’re leaving out too. I quit playing a few years ago, so I can’t easily bring up great stuff from newer sets. A lot of the things I posted were some of the ones I liked for different reasons and a few others that are just great highlights. If I dug around some more I could post even more stuff that makes YGO look like even more shit.


On the subject of magic artwork. I have some friends in the field. They have commented that getting hired for an MTG card run is actually a prestigious contract, and that WoTC pays well and is picky about their artists.

This is all because they really care about making sure their artwork is high quality, which in turn makes the game feel high quality.


Let the salt flow brother. It is integral to the SFV experience. :salt:

The netcode is the one thing I will always agree with when people bitch about it in this game. The inconsistency of it and the issues it has had (I’m assuming still has?) with PC/PS4 crossplay can make you feel crazy for doing the right thing then rollback gets you.

Also for Bea’s sake add a Wifi filter. :wink:


one of my favs


Actually I think the netcode is fine, but the tolerance is wrong.

Skull girls for example let you set the tolerance. If the game is just a touch laggy for a moment, I would rather the game slow down a touch than rollback. A lot of games use this combination of delay and rollback to smooth out the smaller bumps.

Obviously a shit connection is still a shit connection.

Also, everyone can feel free to blow up my salty rant. The other half of the reason I posted it was so that less salty players could call it stupid.


They also spend a lot of time worldbuilding. There’s a lot of detail across sets that you wont get from just us posting random pics.

Which makes Vhozite’s comment even more ridiculous. Probably one of the top 10 worst hot takes to come out of this subforum.


Agreed it makes sure all the artwork fits together, and that many of the images have a reason for being.

It’s not just a random monster (usually) there’s a reason for its looking like it does.

Seriously, you could frame a big chunk of MTG artwork and no one would be the wiser.

For anyone that hasn’t played. It’s nerdy, but a good game. I don’t play anymore (outside of when some friend drag me to a draft), but if you are interested it’s worth a try. You could download that MTG arena beta for free even.


You’re right. I guess the better phrase would be online implementation.

When it works, it works well. But it feels so random as to when it is going to work well and when it isn’t. More consistency would be nice.

Also I’d love it if the % of how often it yielded good/great connections was higher but it seems like the only time we really get that here in America is when Americans make FGs - KI and NRS (though I’ve only heard about their recent online implementation, haven’t tested it myself).


I’ve heard people theorise that part of the reason is that tiny countries with great internet like Japan and Korea don’t need that level of polish in their netcode for things to work well… so they don’t bother.

Meanwhile, in the US we are more spread out, so the developers know they need to get the netcode working as well as possible.

Not saying I agree that’s the reason, bu it’s an interesting thought.


The things that I didn’t like nowadays is that I can’t build cool standard theme deck same like the previous expansion. The standard cards in a theme based decks felt watered down abilities and discourage as a build. Pre-modern and French Commander are interesting format.


Boy you would hate Xrd throws (although they are much more difficult to land).
As for me I find the tech window fine despite my terrible reactions, easier to react throws would make the shimmy game even more dry.
To be honest what makes certain throws harder for me is a fast f. walkspeed, the faster a character the harder for me to get ready to tech an eventual throw


Proximity throws are a whole different animal than button throws.

Also, no one is raw reacting to throws in this game. It literally is outside of human capability. But I still get you, because often times you can react to the situation or delay tech.

I just really hate, predicting the throw, imputing the tech, and getting tossed because the window is 1/6th of a second. And I feel a little vindicated because the best players in the world have had the same comment.


What are the other 9? :smiley:


Bigger tech windows on throws :slight_smile:


You never played Sakura’s who throw out extremely telegraphed tatsu? If you block it they’ll likely mash out ex dp


You can AA her tatsu pretty easily. I use st.hp on Cody more than my v-skill.


@Frost why didn’t you tell us that 21 Savage from the UK fam?