SFV lounge: London we have a Problem X. SFV gave us the Burger King again


Congrats to Problem X for bringing it home with the most honest Bipson (and also just as honest Abigail) in the business. Only non Asian nationalities with Evo trophies are still Euros. Pad playing Euros are the only hope (but it would be nice if they switched to stick to make the wins more authentic). Arturo says the dream is dead. Pack it up and try to win CPT Finals again or some shit.
Just to keep everyone updated, we did not get the King of Muay Thai. Once again have to settle for the Burger King. Just putting grill lines on the burgers.

Dem WONG notez

The only answer for this

Worst SRK CFN Warrior List

  1. Akhos
  2. Twinblades (still not Super Diamond)
  3. Bealank

SFV Lounge: It was coming and it CAME HOME. Ono is your Evo 2018 Chamion


Fuck Cammy…

yay new thread, just needed to start with the right foot.


Give G 1075 health and stun.


One good thing The King got was Ong Bak KNEE


Daily reminder that Japan = Asia > EU > Rest of the World >>> USA at Street Fighter.

Also, don’t get command grabbed by G in VT1 because he’ll juggle you for days.


You’ll have to sign in to PSN or Steam on their site.


Fuck the haters, our lord and saviour Bonchan will show the world the way of the King.

In the meantime I’ll be playing this game for the first in a year tonight, wish me luck :V


Looking at the OP basically I gathered the same thing wong did from playing him.

If HK hit crouching that would help alot also, he get his damage from AA’s and HK…

I felt like I was playing alex with fire balls and no comeback V trigger…


It’s offensive to me that Sagat’s low EX tiger shot does only 80 damage…


He really needs that one touch kill. Can’t wait until S4 either.


Even 100 damage would be okay… 80 though… c’mon… that’s a bar bruh.


Hey it knocks back…

The insult to injury is they made the juggle potential worse so you can’t follow up with anything other than another ex move, unlike the high tiger ex shot that you can follow up with at least a stored angry scar.

Maybe in season 4 they’ll buff both sagat and ryu.


Also why the fuck Sagat sittin at 1000 life that’s a big boy, he should be at 1025 health and 1050 stun.


See Gouken in SFIV, dude was a mountain only had 1000 Stamina and Stun.


They’re all searching for a solution for the 5 top tiers, that’s why some are so upset. Smells like overreacting for me, give the King a break. He’s honestly strong, I don’t get why he needs to be 2X O.Sagat again, git gud y’all. We’re officially in the 2nd part of the season, we don’t know what Capcom has in mind for S4. The actual tops are playing a different game, they will be toned down to match the others since it’s the easiest thing to do. At that point no one will complain about Sagat or someone else, at least for 24h after the next patch.


Gouken a little easier for me to justify because he’s an old man + had arguably lots of tools. Sagat is kind of straightforward though, he’s always been the big tough tower.


Sagat won’t have a hard time just against the top tier. Basically any character with a good walk speed and dash, or a way around projectiles.

Which is alot of the cast.

He needs more ways to convert to big damage on the ground, currently he’ll probably end up being played best like sim.

Offense more so than defensive, but his normals don’t really lend well to that.


EX low shot keeps the opponent close to set up oki with dash up. It’s definitely designed to be a different move post hit than IV shots. Either way its Sagat so if you have a life lead you can choose what you want to do with it after.

Luckily this game has white chip and especially with angry charge his AA damage gets beefy. Plus 2 CC AA’s for building that V Gauge on top of the charge.


Sagat throws a fireball, you jump it on reaction, you died because you did it wrong.

He was working just fine yesterday. Dude whiff punishes everything with st.lk xx TU. Then there’s all sorts of things that need to be put in their proper place to clean up the gameplan…and worked out actual match up gameplans against characters. Feels a lot different from Falke or Blanka on release. He released with an actual gameplan. Its just working out how you fit it in against characters.

People don’t know how to play match ups yet but he is bad? Dudes were stanning Falke with her no pressure, bad normal ass but the King is wack? FOH.