SFV lounge: London we have a Problem X. SFV gave us the Burger King again


Makes sense since Jason and I tend to agree on most things when we talk on FB.

My patience depends on game and character. I’m more patient the better the mixup/vortex my character has, I get less patient the worse my characters mixup is. My patience in sf5, or lack thereof, stems mostly from the games bad set of mixup options, or my perception of the game as having bad mixup options, as well as my general disdain for having to play “patient” “versus people that I don’t think know how to play streetfighter”

But that doesn’t apply to highland because I think he knows how to play streetfighter… well he does when he plays me. Anywho most of my rants to him are about people not knowing how to play streetfighter and capcom holding their hands making stages huge and giving so many characters aerial fuckery like ex headstomp or some jumping anti air mixup tool like a divekick or airfireball or devils reverse etc etc

Sagats st.hk is quite dumb, but I’ve taken on akuma and me and highlands matches look basically like, highland: st.hk 15 times a round… dime: cr.hp 50 times a round. Akumas cr.hp is a way worse offender for braindead activity than sagats st.hk… I’ve had highland in the corner and whiffed it in front of him 3-5 times in a row on multiple occasions and…l I really don’t see myself stopping at any point… button to stronk. Feel like oldschool button, amazing.


Akuma’s cr.HP have a 20 frames of recovery on it. If you are fighting a character that can effectively whiff punish, you are gonna get punished for abusing it. Sagat possibly can’t do anything though.


Sagat can do stuff. But when hes pressing all the buttons in the world, or over focusing on AA or overfocusing on jumping it or jumping a fireball or his autopilot means he wants to press a ranged button and he knows that if he does, he will likely get CC’d… that makes things more difficult. Also, wiff punishing “effectively” is a thing as well. If the only punish I’m eating is a random Chun st,hp here or there, or random non CC sweep, that’s not gonna stop me since one CC and I get damage plus corner carry.

What will stop me will be jumping my CC or CCing my CC or having a good cancel ready to make me feel the burn. But once that happens… I also switch up my strategies. The cr.hp spam is there to beat the other characters spam. Stop “spamming” and so do I… generally speaking.


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he does have backjump ex zanku and non ex during VT1, it may cost a bar but it’s still a better keepaway tool than most, on a character that is on par with Cammy in terms of walkspeed.
Though I agree on not nerfing his health, I’d rather touch his walkspeed, I don’t really see why he should be faster than most characters while also hitting like a truck and having all the tools


Scary fun stuff.

Zeku needs a few changes acting like he won the damn event. lol


That’s something that I was curious about, when I play as Akuma every time I do a cr.hp and the opponent blocks it, I always do another cr.hp and get a cc because my opponent tries to press buttons, so is that plus on block?


Yes, its plus 3 on block, which basically means they can’t press anything.


Moreso how peeps call everything garbage (Zeku, Falke, Sagat) and they’re actually pretty damn good.

Imo Zeku is better than all the s3 characters not counting G sitting on level 3 charge or in vt1.

Capcom doesn’t balance well. He won’t get small changes, they’d give heavy handed buffs and he’ll easily be top tier.


He has that, but it just doesn’t last enough for him to use it for any real long term zoning. He can only use maybe like 2 air fireballs for backwards zoning and then after that he has to start going in or kills any real chance to get anything serious off his trigger. He generally has to play closer and more to the ground than other Akumas which is why his health/stun is more of a liability in this game despite it being not quite as low as other games. The only thing seriously threatening about him in this game is that he has the best offense of any shoto. Therefore effectively making him strong as a strong shoto is always an issue in SF. Other than that, everything else is more tame and doesn’t allow him to be as mobile and evasive as before.


Taming the Beast.


I don’t care about Akuma’s being mobile or evasive. There’s like three things that irk me and mainly because other characters got them nerfed precisely on ground of being unfun and OP:

  • Shakunetsu being V-Trigger cancelable on whiff. This is the dumbest stuff in the game and has no parallel to any other character. If not taken out, then dispense the dumb stuff like candy. Grapplers having their whiff frames cancellable into V-trigger to OS the jump or backdash is a good place to start.
  • cr. HP. Doing crumple CC and being positive on block. Urien and Karin had their CCs mangled for endless complaining and that got them destroyed in the tiers. Either make it a fly away CC or make it negative on block, or restore other CCs to their former full glory. Or make those crumple too so people can’t complain that “they get to run and do a combo”.
  • V-Trigger DP causing a hard knockdown. Again, hard knockdowns have been declared an evil to eradicate, if it is allowable here then it can be allowed in other characters.

All I want is consistency on power level. If people are going to justify this stuff being exclusive to Akuma and no one else’s because glass canon, then make him truly a glass canon and not just -25 life respect to other characters. 750-800 is more like it.


Still don’t think Y Zekus options vs booms are much better than anyone else’s. Serp was getting zoned pretty good but then Daigo takes a v trigger combo into back throw and his stun is up like 80 percent. His fast forward walk and switching to old Zekus air flip probably did the most actual work getting in.

Like typical though the stun on Zekus v trigger is nutty and if you take one high damage stun back throw you’re suddenly about to die. That happened enough to Daigo in the short set where he was dead before he could make his own comeback. Basically don’t get hit by Zeku cuz it sucks and Serp did good job finding the hits



The lowest Akuma’s health ever was in this game was 875 and of course Akuma players cried about that (though somewhat justfied as I also don’t agree he’s cheap enough for that). If he had 800 or 750 health Birdie would probably beat him near 8 2. Shotos are way too short ranged to have that low health vs characters with way bigger buttons and good AA like Birdie. For my characters Ibuki would easily beat him like 7 3 with that kind of health and Falke would probably similarly beat him since she already mostly out neutrals him and stuffs most of his air options unless she’s out of meter. He’s just not cheap enough and not enough people top place with him to make that warranted.

Fireball VTC is good, but it’s way overrated compared to like what you can do with activations in other games. If you have a sizeable life lead it’s not the end of the world to just block. Anyone with a good activation trigger can also just activate on his activation to slow him down or possibly freeze his next inputs.

c.HP is probably a bit too strong, but vs the other top characters it’s just another good button that can be whiff punished. Most top level Akumas mostly stick to c.MP any ways which opens up similar opportunities while being harder to whiff punish.

V Trigger DP causing HKD is essentially a flashy meaty setup. He doesn’t get any safe jump or fireball crosses with it. It’s arguable that the stuff Kolin gets off her counter HKD are cheaper, but you have to make a read to land them. Most CC HKD’s (which can be set up off VTC’s any way) have more dangerous setups. It also doesn’t always guarantee HKD if done in neutral any ways (very high jumps/dives will whiff the HKD hit).


There is something unusual about Falke. When I was playing Sakura, I felt like playing Gief a lot and would even try to do Gief things with Sakura, like trying to tick cr lp SPD with her.
But Falke feels… natural. I don’t feel the urge to play Gief and when I do in lounges, I do Falke things with him, like hold mp for shot, try to keep my distance, use f+HP at the range I would with her.
I guess I found my true calling in SFV. She is my Alpha Rose.

I love Gief, I have a whole lot of history with him, he feels right most of the time, but I dislike how much of his game plan resorts to looping SPD in SFV.
SPD is meant to be fast, strong and a tool to punish stupid people with BIG damage for trying to frame trap me or for doing unsafe things at an unsafe range. Not to be extremely short ranged because you will dash in and SPD them again.
SFV Gief is fun, but nowhere as fun as Alpha Gief with good buttons and fast punish SPD. :frowning:

I guess I am truly a Falke main now,


Sagats options at range are super slow, I got cr.hp 10 frame, crmk at 11, my best answer is probably st.mk because I’m standing and it shrinks my hurt box, but it’s still 11 frames.

Just for a comparison - I’m trying to whiff punish Dan’s sweep in SF4 with Dan’s sweep in SF4…with 6 frams of lag… Yeah.

I tried st.lk xx DP but it whiffs. Low tiger shot is surprisingly good, sagats hurt box on his FB is wayyyy better than a shoto. In the corner it’s tougher, I found the old SF5 stuff of “I see the move, I press my button, but I still get CCd” happening, so V-reversal is probably better.

Also I agree on Sanford, I always liked his ability to beat someone if he concentrated, but he’s really sour now. He talks shit about Sagat and doesn’t even main him. I was actually thinking of removing him, but honestly if I removed everyone on twitter that said “controversial opinion with no evidence and no response”

I wouldn’t be following anyone.


@highlandfireball These are the best options I found to whiff punish Akuma c.HP with Sagat. He’s got some pretty easy ones IMO.

  • MP TU - Since all of his TUs do the same damage on the ground might as well just use MP. Has the best balance of range and start up at 6 frame start up. Easily can whiff punish most stray c.HP’s from the range that it’s normally effective. He’d have to whiff from a negligible range vs anyone who has good reactions or is buffering it in in order to avoid the whiff punish. If you have angry charge this obviously adds up more.

  • c.MP to HK shot or EX low shot - Both combo from about max range and do solid damage and stun.

  • c.MP to EX knee - Similar to above but needs to be a bit closer in. Better reward on hit and big corner push to be able to force your range and pressure on him better if it hits.

His hurtbox stays out long enough for all of those options and none of the options are slower than 7 frames which is very doable vs his c.HP. Plus raw s.LK is always nice as a check if you want something that doesn’t commit as much as the other options. Not doing huge damage but 5 frame start up with tremendous range so you’re at least guaranteed to get it even at less relevant ranges.


Interesting the way Bonchan approaches this bitch.

st.lp > ex high tigershot for knockdown punish.

I wish there was a visual indicator when you have tigerscar. There was a couple of times he could have went for kara dp but you dont wanna risk it… In the moment your managing so many things its the last thing ya gon remember.


This eSports ecosystem stuff is sus as hell.


Crypto currency is the future brah. Besides, Johnny Donuts should get paid at least a Snickers bar worth of money if he moves up the bracket.