SFV lounge: London we have a Problem X. SFV gave us the Burger King again


Lowering the input lag would solve half of your AA problems. I tried USF4 last Sunday and dp’ing with Makoto again was like heaven, in SFV looks like testing how much you can surpassed your limits. Shouldn’t be that painful doing a motion I’ve done for over 20 years, but it is what it is. Hope fools at EVO reminded that at Capcom panel there, a normalized input lag will be so much appreciated. The playback option is a nice idea, I would use that to recreate whiff punish situations, but it’s all on them.


I agree with everything except the no pineapple on pizza part. With all the weird stuff people put on pizza, I never understood why they arbitrarily single out pineapple as some sort of culinary pariah.


I think Bea can agree with me on this. Here, pizza is just as excuse to put as much shit as you can on top of the dough.


Pretty much, but pineapples are for piña coladas, not for pizza.


But what about apples in potato salad?


Not the weirdest thing I have seen on potato salad here.
It kind of actually works too.


FINALLY, someone gets it!


I play on PC so i don’t expect the lag to be any lower exept for playing on my old monitor instead of TV wich should cut an extra frame. My bad AA’s are comming firstly from bad mentality where i see the jump and often fight the initial fear to get hit for too long. And as i always say my execution is shit. I play on stick for 2 years now and still my hands get too stiff anytime i get nervous wich leads to all kinds of dropped stuff. I wonder if 8-way gate or tighter springs could be helpfull.
USF4 olnine was total shit for me. I couldn’t do anythig and i didn’t know what to do in the first place. Anyway i started to redo all the trials (wich i never did on stick) to identify/fix my execution problems and it seems to help.

P.S. It seems like the food talk is up again. Gotta boil myself some pelmeni.



0-2 on my weekly. Even lost a match on a set to a Gief.
I am 3 to 5 frames slower to react this week. :frowning:


I don’t give a shit about customization and all that nonsense. I read somewhere that you can restrict people that come into your dojo by country. Is that true?. If this is the only way to get some ghetto region filter I am downloading this shit as fast as I can. No offense to those that live there, but fuck you Brazil!!!


I’ll definitely be playing Cribs: SFV Edition. Or Pimp My Dojo


Imagine how lit people would be for 5 if they’d started with AE?

Game just came out. A lot of cool characters are in it…and then you solidify only crews with dojo mode.

Team NAH needs a dojo.


Actually for that last one a little water in the Whisky will release more flavour. It’s common in Scotland to ask for a little jug of water if you are drinking whisky.

Also for Scots it’s Whisky, not Whiskey.


Drinking whisky without it being on the rocks or without some water to free the flavour…
That is ridiculous.
Also, rum is meant to be had with fruit juice or cola on the rocks. It brings up the flavour and the texture. And the alcoholic buzz too.


I also disagree about killing meat with heat also. Any meat. Pork is most definitely better if it’s just cooked to just done and I’d even argue that chicken cooked to perfection tastes absolutely nothing like chicken that’s been killed with fire.

Game meats also need to be a little raw.

I mean I got nothing against anyone that wants their shit cindered, but really there’s no meat that is worth nuking.

Only two things I can think of are specific, like Bacon can be nice crispy and also I don’t mind chicken wings a little over done if they have a nice sauce.

I don’t mind flaming up fish if it has skin on, crispy on the outside , soft in the middle.


The drops of water are more on the technical side. I dont do it because my palette isnt there to fuck around a good glass of whisky yet.

But, as a rule of thumb, saying no to the ice and shaking the whisky around a bit to oxygenated is as good as it gets.

Edit: i also specifically mentioned ice for a reason.


I can drink it straight , but I do like two ice cubes in there as my water, both for a little flavour and to also fill the drink out just a touch.

Smashing straight whisky isn’t going to last long and you’ll get smashed faster.

I mean the calibur of whiskey that I’d drink is considered “good” , maybe $100 a bottle, but if I was drinking a $200 up bottle I’d prolly like to taste it straight first.

Shit like Johnny Red or Irish whiskey I got no beef smashing coke in there. $40 whiskey can taste like petrol.

I got a soft spot for bourbon. It’s prolly my weapon of choice if I’m in it to get drunk or have a good time.


I have a couple of stone cubes as ice cubes. You get to chill the whisky without risk of watering it down. Straight is great though.


Ibuk is clearly getting high in her dojo if we’re judging from that still shot