SFV lounge: London we have a Problem X. SFV gave us the Burger King again


You’re both being fucking stupid, just shut the fuck up for all our sakes.


Match ups matter but they don’t. That character at the top isn’t even good because he lost this one time.


One pattern ive always noticed. Mike never just has an argument. It always turns into a battle. Good to see him return any way and promote honesty.


Im trying…


Shit, if you ask him, he would make you a mod but you’ll pay real life bucks. He had that Karin mod locked behind a paywall for a long ass time so I’m sure he’s been eating good off mods. I ain’t no snitch so I’m just glad he finally released his Karin mod


I don’t think you understand what the word frozen means. This is Contrived Platitudes tier.


The Sagat mirror, I don’t know why but I feel so uncomfortable in this match up. It really makes me feel like I have to do something even when I don’t have to. I played a few Guile’s and didn’t get this feeling. But the Sagat mirror does this to me for some reason.


Takes a while to learn. HP shot is important.


In other matches, it’s important to know when to high shot and when to low shot.

In the mirror match, it’s a fucking artform


My thoughts exactly. I lose if I drop an AA or throw bad fireballs, not because I missed my scramble fighter V oki setup to get a damn meaty. That’s a way less annoying way to lose imo, even with the input lag and weird jump arcs in this game.
He probably does have some setups that are worth it (especially from throws, I’d imagine), but being able to chill and let the other guy kill himself after a KD is nice.


Not enough cleavage and latex for modders to care.

(Not complaining, just noticing.)


Without realizing it at first, it’s definitely the high and low tiger shot fireball war that makes me feel that way. I rarely played Sagat in SF4 and the mirror even less so I’m not comfortable with this battle where I throw a fireball but because of the circumstances I get hit but my opponent recovers in time to block or dodge it.


Oh Jin you dirty old man.
IT’s a cheap trick to play Falke in her Bikini against other people.
These curves and excellent bodybuild will make everyone look at her the whole time instead of their disappearing lifebar.
You’re evil!


Congratulations on getting Super Diamond with Miss Pew Pew.
I do agree that beating people in a bathing dress is pretty nice and that the turquoise colour is so good. It is such a great felling!
I am going with the yellow robe and staff instead, almost always without ditching the robe.


I use this one, fits the retro style really well:

Edit: her staff has no shadow, but a hurtbox. Vampire staff confirmed.


I got so tired of trying to differentiate between QR and BR meaties on top of being bored by Cammy that i stopped playing for half a year until Sak arrived. Being able to keep a MF standing and doing stupid shit to get out was such a relief. It turned out to suit my “white player goes first and wins” approach a lot more.


It is itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini!

The second I saw this colour, I knew it was the one I had to use because it got that very song stuck in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:
Too bad Capcom didn’t put polkadots in this one.


I’ve fought too many Pikachu in my life to be able to appreciate that one.


Ive lost hardly any mirrors although this gat is very similar to SF4 gat. Difference here is if you lose the lead by a sizeable amount it’s difficult to get it back without a jump in. No tiger Canon ( the ultra) means there’s no point sagat has to be super careful on defence.

Tips I could share is that st.mk and cr.fierce will blow up low shots from further than you think. Empty jumping into the space behind the shot is a good play. Don’t just sit there and throw low shots and AA, cause that’s what everyone seems to be doing, you have to move.

Basically I find most of the sagats I play, play like robots. There’s no fluidity to the play. If I stand here I’m gona do this, if I stand here I’m Gona do this etc etc.

Also mix up the shot high to low more than any other match. More high in the mirror, because you want to catch him shooting low. Mostly fast fireballs too. Also I like V1 better, I just like V1 better period , but might be in the minority!


I also find Sagat more relaxing to fight against than other fireball spammers. He doesn’t just have a fireball that crosses the middle of the screen horizontally and can clip you while trying to jump, he has a low fireball that can be relatively easy jumped above and a high fireball you can duck under to slowly inch your way in. Without Guile’s crazy walk speed you also know he won’t just walk forward and kick you in your face when you try to jump.

And speaking about jumps, his jump is so deceptively slow that I end up mistiming AAs even when they have 5 active frames lol.