SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


Shiiiiit +2 block parry that reaches half screen.

Who the fuck asked for Bison to be able to do this shit. Now we can’t press buttons anywhere!


Not as scary as I thought it would be. Not as much damage as old fireball cancel stuff and knocks the opponent far away from where he’d want to be.


The bison change is up there with the dumbest change I can remember. I mean you can’t even jump in on him now and score pressure, you gota bait Parry …which gets him out of the jump.

He’s instant top tier, close the list day 2.


Oh and I misread patch notes, Vega’s super totally isn’t invincible on frame 1 you can still stuff it. He’s still fully hopeless to pressure.

Good thing we wouldn’t want him to have an invincible super like the other 28 characters and destroy the games balance!


Here I was hoping we’d have one year where he wasn’t at the top of the online win chart.


? Abigail is the same way, he can vskill any jump into H punches. Its not really a big deal.

Like, same thing with gouken even.


Did Guile really loose inv on his regular flash kicks?


Conversely I feel that I can’t get Falke to work (dropped from Diamond with Ken to Ultra Gold with Falke) because I refuse to play patient with her. I want to walk forward and pressure the opponent with her buttons while chipping them with her psycho shotgun. I want to be constantly shimmying at footsie range and bullying them with my superior range.

But it all falls apart once I fail to stop a single dash or jump.

Starting to feel that if I wanted to play that style, I shoulda just gone to chun li.


You didn’t buy the game to not hit buttons, patience is for suckers


It’s still good damage, 100 health is almost as much damage as a light combo.


I’m hoping sf4 cast release are entirely brand new.


Use Vega like ST Vega…


That would imply he would be good in some way. Even the greatest sorcerors and scientists working in tandem could not make vega good in sfv


Stupid shadows are no match to MUSCLE POWER!



SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming

What is this rumor mill.



New waifu

Am I doing this right?

Edit: I’m dumb, I just realized they copied previous seasons.


That is pretty damn funny :smile:


That Bison parry looks pretty good, maybe I should try playing him if that actually works decently as an AA.


The block stop on Hozanto change isn’t a problem, people who knows how to read a frame data already punished that move 24/7 but whatever, not a big issue. Interesting how Capcom makes sure people don’t have problems in dealing with stuff even if all of them aren’t +oB or invincible at any point. Young run-stop remained punishable even using EX, outside of making the running overhead finisher easier after transformation I don’t see yet where this ‘buff’ can be useful in combos. Meanwhile Young AA problems are still there and probably Old LK do is still subject to CC even without any kind of invincibility.

Way to go Capcom.