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People are trying to find pattern in a weird and inapprociate way

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Edit somebody has already posted

Since we Got Not-Evil Ryu/Oni, Chad Hugo, Not-Hellen and etc

My guess is gonna be

1 Probably Roxy but Poison or Poison
2 Dudley or related to Dudley
3 Rose but does not play like the old Rose
4 A skinny female
5 A skinny male
6 Gorilla


Viper or Viper Friend or Co agent still female.


Soooo Rose, Gorilla, Poison, New, and Oro.


I would fucking strangle the last unicorn to get Poison in this game. I’ll settle for Viper.

Random discord tech that @Illwill and very maybe @Los (not sure if you’re still playing Laura in S4) may care about: one of her patch notes is straight up wrong.

For her st.MP they actually expanded the hurtbox backwards once the active frames start. This should make it slightly worse against cross ups because now you’re less likely to get the situation to happen where her forward shift barely squeaks her past the cross up hitbox.

I personally don’t think its a big deal (hell maybe it’ll finally force me to learn to properly react to cross ups) but it is worth noting because the patch notes as written/translated lead you to believe the opposite. Maybe with the money from ads they can hire a fucking proofreader.

The rest of her patch notes seem to be accurate though based on the secondary testing I saw. I actually really like the TC change. At base its nice to be able to build V gauge with her and people are coming up with interesting tech with it already. Which means they will surely nerf it in 4.5 :stuck_out_tongue:


Is that image official or simply X-Kira back to his prophecies?


It first appeared on Reddit. It has nothing to do with X-Kira.



Xkira stand was Viper and Rose storymode 2 which the story is about a new Doll in shadaloo that would be the main character that was finished last june 2017 but delayed because of Capcom want to hurt him lol.

Thats from reddit someone different and looking for crazy patterns

What I really want

Is Maki, Sodom, Goutetsu, Eagle, A single character that plays like Chang with Choi in cvs2 and something like Jinyu forces(Delta Red)



I’m always amazed by how popular Poison is. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great character. But I always assumed that her transexuality would work against her but it’s been doing her favors since the beginning.


I’m like 100 posts behind but this is kind of funny


So it’s been 2 days.
Did Frost drop Kage already?


If we get any Dolls, they will most likely be Capcoms take on Delta Blue.
And Cammy will be the new major with a badass coat, who throws knifes at you with laser accuracy.
Also give her a aggresive little cat as a move!


After the trouble they got into with Street Fighter x Tekken’s win quotes, Ono/Capcom changed stance to say that they don’t have an official stance on Poison. It is a player’s choice as to whether you believe or want to think of her as a biologically born woman, a pre-op transsexual, or a post-op transsexual. Ono admitted this was an attempt to cater to everyone.

While Ono went on to claim this was always Capcom’s stance on Poison, that is not true. Ono himself had stated years before that Poison was transsexual, and the only aspect that was up in the air was whether she was pre- or post-op, as Capcom of Japan and Capcom of America had differing opinions. Indeed, this was Capcom’s stance from even before the release of Final Fight. While Poison and Roxy were designed by their creator to be biologically born women, it was decided by others (and against his design) before the release of the game to recast them as transwomen, due to fears of how American audiences would react towards portrayed violence against women.

On a related note, since Poison got all the fame, people tend to forget that Roxy shared the same status (largely due to forgetting Roxy existed.) Now people mostly just seem to associate Poison as being the trans character.

As for Poison’s general popularity, you have seen the internet, haven’t you? At least seen it in a fashion that hasn’t been heavily censored for your entire life?

EDIT: It may also be worth noting that in the early years, there was plenty of confusion to go around over Poison’s official status, which itself let people believe what they wanted to believe. People blamed Nintendo for forcing the change, even though Nintendo wasn’t involved, and thus didn’t view it as legit. People would say that Poison was only changed to be a guy in the US, even though she was changed for Japan as well. And the like.


Transexuality may be heavily fetishized online but I don’t need to see the internet to know that in real life, Transexuals get the short end of the stick. Not until the last couple of years has there been some acceptance of them in societies. Poison’s popularity is nice, is all I am saying.


Yeah, I threw in a last minute edit that you might have missed, about the years of confusion and misinformation over Poison’s official status which allowed anyone who wanted to pick what they wanted to believe.

Even today there is probably a bit of a mixed status, as most people don’t know the history, and Capcom has shied away from publicly confirming a status. Even before they got in trouble with SFxT, they were only making vague references. (Indeed, that is what landed them in trouble, a victory quote that was seen as demeaning.)

And to be perfectly honest, there are people who will get excited over a 2D/3D image of a fictional transwoman who will still shun or even recoil from a real transwoman.


I’m sort of a weird demo because I remember walking my adolescent ass up to the Final Fight cab and falling in love with it, so just seeing Poison at all is cool to me.

She has a really striking design and I thought her SFxT/USFIV implementation was cool. I barely dabbled in either of those games though so I would love a chance to play her again.

That said I think the short list of chars for SFV has a bunch of names in front of her just due to legacy. Maybe I’ll get lucky and we’ll get like 12 chars this season.


Speaking of her aa I really don’t use mp anyways I used
Hp elbow and jab in certain situations. But I probably need to use mp more. Thanks I couldn’t tell if it was buffed or not with the vague description :expressionless:

You know I was mad as hell when I realized tc no longer cancelled into trigger and it cost me a few matches til I got rid of the muscle memory. But I started looking into the tech and I’m okay with it now since people are actually coming up with uses for it beside vtc. Let’s see if it gets to stay I remember season 3.5 making a bunch of those setups useless just after everyone learned and started posting them lol.

PS… How you tag people in your posts? I tried typing @ and it brings a drop down of some names but none of the ones I need



You know good and damn well that thr answer is @Daemos


HP Elbow is good. With the input priority changes you can almost kinda sorta cross cut with it now. I remember trying that before and it didn’t work because you’d get Clap and then die like an idiot. Still not as good as a DP but may be okay against more shallow cross ups.

st.MP is an excellent AA button. Fast start up, hits high above her, allows for good mix ups afterwards. It only really loses to some of the more PITA jump in buttons but for the most part it is rock solid.

I’ve seen other people have the same reaction with the TC. I’m really lucky in that I never muscle memory’d activating VT that way. It definitely has potential. If you follow up a CC with that you build a little over 2/3 of a bar while still having good oki (dash, st.MP covers both rises with a little timing but thankfully that button is crazy forgiving as a meaty) and with VT1 lasting 50 seconds now getting access to it earlier could be worth sacrificing the damage of a conventional ender here or there.

For the ‘@’ stuff, it gives you a short list of matches but you can type @ followed by pretty much any string and it’ll try to notify them. So if it doesn’t have the name of the person you want to tag in the list but you know it, just type it out. I’ve run into that same thing with some of the folks here not being on the short list.


Even though the projectile is in many ways better, I’m a big fan of the animation. It’s very martial artsy if that makes sense (something people forget about Dic) with a tiny hint of “warlock punch!”.