SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


Yeah, Bison is easily gonna be the “problem” of Season 4.


And then Bison will get nerfed down to S3 Gief status in 4.5, just like he deserves


Here’s hoping :slight_smile:


Some of the stuff in this patch i don’t get. Kolin buffs. Ken hk tatsu nerf. Juri gets nothing?


Bison was already a problem in Season 3. People have just been sleeping on him.

hell he wins Evo and people still sleep on the character.


I agree. With the S3 top tiers nerfed to various degrees his road to top tier is open.


“All according to plan.”

-Bison probably


-Daemos actually


I don’t have anything against Poison, but if we are to keep getting returning characters I would prefer priority be given to characters not in the last game.

I like new characters more than anything, but I know 3S failed because of that…


Think I’m the only person waiting for Retsu and Geki still.

Need that SF1 to get some love again. Eagle was bomb AF in CvS2, let it rock with the rest of the cast.


Getting Poison over Rose, Makoto or Viper would be… Odd.


The only thing that I like about S4 so far is the increased chance of Gouken showing up,as his story clashes with Evil Ryu.

Here’s hoping.

If not just give me Oro,Retsu or Gen.I want an old dude.


Eagle and Drunken Fist Lee have been in my most wanted list for years.


Guys. Is there a discord for Kage?

Searched on Google for it and got directed to a reddit thread that got deleted.


Drunken Lee could definitely be cool, and with a rivalry with Feilong.

In fact, they should’ve made Birdie’s v-trigger 2 him chugging down a 12-pack in that v-trigger flash, and going drunken master of fools.


Bison being top tier isn’t a problem. Someone has to be on top and as far as top tiers go he’s very manageable with brazenly exploitable weaknesses.

We’ve been here before though. At the start of every season including vanilla, Bison is pegged as ths top tier only for him to quickly fall down when people figure shit out.

Probably top 10 though. But I’m sticking him in mid-tier at best for now… :roll_eyes:


But,Birdie drinks soda cans not alcohol.


In that image you can easily fill the empty slots with S2 newcomers since they have the same characteristics.

Probably for Capcom some designs are just outdated. I can even understand Eagle, but a Drunken Fist expert was overused in other games before, personally I think it’s too '70s. If they want an old master they could bring back again Gouken or Gen,at least just to give some company to the only old geezer in the game (Zeku).


This answer didn’t surprise me :relieved:


Using the format

Here my expectation

Viper, Rose, Poison, Gorilla and Oro

Here is what I really wanted

Necro, Sodom, Maki, Byron(I still wanted Eagle) and Goutetsu

Beyond expectation and shocking list

Effie, Noembelu, Guy, Rose Master and Lee