SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


Only change I heard that’s important is that he lost throw invincibility on HK flash kick. Daigo probably relied on that to take out shimmy/throw setups without spending meter. That frame one throw invincibility is something that normally most HP/meterless DPs have (like Ryu’s and Cody’s).

Either way I don’t see Daigo leaving Guile. If anything he’ll most likely be playing Guile and Ryu together. Ryu got better to the point of where he’s probably worth bothering with in tourneys, but he still has worse buttons and triggers than Guile.

Yeah, kinda depends on the character who that works for. Like if you knock Sagat, Falke or Menat away for 100 damage that’s great for them because they get the space they want vs you. Even rushdown characters if they get hit by that that’s better than getting hit by medium medium into EX into oki. It’s probably scarier to block it because then he’s plus 2 in your face and can hit you afterwards with something that leads to more damage and oki.

He’s likely the shoe in top 5 with the changes regardless though. He was right there before. Only thing that’ll slow him down now is the buffs to characters like Gief and Alex. If Gief is actually a problem again then that’ll gatekeep Bison out of CPT wins for sure. Kichipa is going to eat Bisons alive.


I would play Goutetsu but how can he be added other then some sort of Spirit form ?

He is dead, was old when Gouken and Akuma were young. So even if he ain’t dead, what would he even look at lol ? Mummy Goutetsu ?


A flash back character something that is a what if character that would simply tell a story in his individual storymode of his confrontation with GOUKI in the past. They can add up Zeku, Sagat, Sim and Bison.

It doesn’t really require him to exist in the exact timeline other than Gouki flash back or other fighters flash back against him.


He can be a what-if like Oni or Evil Ryu assuming Capcom really wanted to add him.


I get ya but I think it would be wise to keep the roster relevant to the actual story rather then adding flashbacks or what ifs.

Regardless, I like Goutetsu but prefer Gouken more.He also fits better in the current story,since he is very much alive.


It’s also possible to even add Sean as a future character not necessary part of SFV timeline but a glimpse of what he is.

Something like a fast forward battle that his individual story mode is about him against laura, Ibuki, alex, ken and ryu.

Fast forward battles and flash back battles.
Something that won’t interfere in timeline because they already happened in the past games of historically part of them.


Only if he throws basket balls instead of hadokens.


I get your point but like half the roster is irrelevant to the story.


So why continue down a flawed path when it comes to the story ?

You don’t fix by adding to the pile. :wink:


Seriously though, there has to be a top tier. Who should be top tier to you? What qualities should the top tier in SF5 or any game embody?


I’m sure this is day 1 new patch talk but Daigo stated that he feels Guile is mid tier now and wants to go back to Ryu using VT2. I’m sure that’s not gonna happen but he was streaming last night and was having a hoot playing Ryu again. That mans loves his shotos.

Oh and he thinks Kage is whack but said he’s waiting for other people to optimize him because I_don’t_got_time_for_that.exe


We had been doing flash back battles in SFV

From Nash, Ryu, Chun li and etc in their individual storymode those weren’t new concept.

If their would be new that would be fast forward battles that can be a prologue introduction to SF3 characters.

Flashback battles with Goutetsu can give us clarity to what Akuma is before and now.

What kind of master is Goutetsu is and how strong he really was if he was against Zeku or Sim.

Like Nash and Bison flashback battles in SFV change how we perceive his tragic end.

Those were relevant having concrete and clear story in game that would compromise the past, present and the future in all.


Daigo is the same guy that stayed with Ryu for almost a whole year after Capcom killed him. Roo man is always gonna call him back, but realistically I think we know what will happen.


I was reading along and wanted to suggest Sean but given he’s a little kid or whatever. But that future version talk sounds good. Only because I really want him in. He’s probably my favorite SF character even tho he was super bottom tier in 3s.


Maybe Kage just needs a Redbull?


And Sean in a SF3 status doesn’t really complicate everything(sf3 timeline) because he has no huge involvement.

Especially if his battles and interaction happens in a slight timeskip against others which he would soon really faced.


I’m still confused, so somebody messed up by rolling out kage and the patch before the reveal at capcup?


I believe it was done on purpose to generate pre hype since they knew they didn’t have the full season to reveal yet.


They wanted to do a “available NOW!” kind of reveal without considering that by releasing the patch before Capcom Cup was done they also allowed everyone to see Kage in-game before his actual reveal.


I feel like limiting DLC characters to only be story relevant additions limits the pool of characters too much.

And let’s be honest Street Fighter’s story is ass. It’s just a bunch of contrived reasons to make the characters fight with very little substance or meaningful plot.