SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


DeeJay needs more story focus.


I don’t necessarily agree with the story being that ass-y, but I agree that you can put in characters even if they make no sense story-wise.


Try this


Street Fighter is nothing but a sequence of tournaments hosted for various reasons. Usually by the Saturday morning cartoon tier villians to accomplish some vague goal like gaining power. Someone tell me in the 20+ years SF has been around what has Bison actually accomplished?

Now if you want to argue the interactions between characters are decent that’s different. But the actual “plot” of SF is trash, as is par the course for most fighting games. Hell what even is the plot besides the good guys vs Shadaloo?


Implying we are getting a full season could be setting us up for another disappointment.

Honestly, I would’ve been okay with the silhouettes. That is infinitely better than leaving us hanging blue balled like that at the end. Having said that, I KNOW if they showed us silhouettes after that, people would riot.

They are damned in all cases.


They weren’t damned when they did the full reveal for AE :thinking:


So a harada interview came out recently teasing something.

Bandai Namco - Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken)
-A big project was supposed to be established in 2018, but it suddenly vanished w/o anyone expecting it. So have to start from scratch again

And then the Capcom employee teasing something surprising a few weeks ago. I’m sure there’s plenty of reasons of why it isn’t txsf, I’m just curious on how they would do certain characters in the game. Would it be a tag game to fill the gap of no TTT right now?

Probably just reaching here just throwing it out there


Another thing along this point/idea is that, for as much as Kage and the early leak of him was disappointing, this is also the earliest and fastest we have gotten new season content. In previous years we would get a trailer in Dec then nothing until mid-Jan.

Here it is and we have char #1 and the initial balance patch. I am in no way saying Capcom wasn’t dumb by also releasing some info about S4 as a whole, but from that perspective it makes sense to me why they would have thought it would be a hype generator.

“Hey guys here is stuff earlier than usual!”




I think we’re fine. I imagine it was crunch time at Capcom’s offices to figure out exactly what they had room to reveal.

Kage has a lot of similarties to KI’s Season 2 Omen. Both were characters that were heralds of the main shoto character and Omen was used as a stop gap character to build time for other characters. Omen was also used as a token to appease people until they could turn Shadow Jago into a real character. Kage is a nice pacifier for the edgelord fans to suck on while they get ready to show off what they’re really gonna do.

The blowing the whole load with G and Sagat on the same day wasn’t going to come without a price. The fact that we got patch data and notes on the same day is already a feat compared to days before also.


They are been doing decently lately since SF4, all it needs is just a compromise to SF3.

It’s not just shadaloo anymore


ok wow


After the mess that was TTT2 I don’t think anyone would like another Tag game. It’s even less likely considering T7 is going strong and is still receiving updates.


I want another Tag. Tekken 3 and Tag 1 are still my favorite Tekken games. Hearing that you would be able to put Jin and Eddy on a team was mindblowing back in the day.

Tekken Tag 2 was kinda crazy, but T7 shows they could make a more balanced effort if they wanted to.


No one in particular tbh, I agree with the fact someone should be anyway. The buffs Bison received are unnecessary imo and probably will lead to even more complaints from regular online players. As a former Bison player myself, I’m not worried nor angry about Dictator being there, but the FGC will be in search for the next witch to burn pretty soon:

If another ex Dictator main says these things, you know the storm is coming.


So Bison took Cammy’s spot as the most hated character this season ?


True plus I doubt Capcom wants the game potentially stealing sfv’s playerbase.


There’s not much overlap between SF-players and Tekken-players usually (at least compared to 2D fighters overall, where there’s usually a lot of overlap), so I doubt that even factors in.


At Capcom settled the bar higher by themselves with the S3 reveal,even if I wasn’t interested in any of the newcomers I think that’s the way Capcom should present new seasons. We get Kage even before the official reveal, but I don’t see people running naked in the streets for him outside Evil Ryu widows, the patch notes too, good to play S4 now, but I don’t see nothing ground breaking from the mechanic core of the game, some changes looks tamed, some characters are barely changed. Who’s already satisfied with the whole product don’t pretend nothing more than this since anything plus would’ve been well received, those who aren’t obviously expected more. I’m in the latter group of people, hopefully Capcom will be able to change my mind pretty soon as they said.


I don’t like Bison, but I would rather he be top tier than:

  1. The shotos who are a dime a dozen online
  2. Grapplers like Mika/Laura
  3. Boring “no fun allowed” characters like Guile or Menat

Bison has his share of bullshit he is always fucking plus, but I find him more interesting an interactive than any of the above. Not to mention the fact he has clear, exploitable weaknesses.

I say let him be good.


We need a netcode upgrade.