SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


Bison has to block (somewhat) and doesn’t have a command grab (other than VT2) so I’ll live. Ibuki could fight him pretty well also.


Still too early to tell, but a stronger Bison isn’t a good news for whoever don’t use him at any level.


Lets be real here Problem X Bison was the only top tier Bison in the CPT…

I can see why the character gets hate because of online.


Falke suffers a lot against Bison and I can see it being even worse now.
But Gief is back and I am full of love and wanting to hug everyone at SFV ranked, so I will make do with a stronger Bison.
He will be bear hugged to death!


Falke should do better vs him regardless since she actually has a ranged plus on block tool and he wont be able to mash 3 frame out of her standing low block strings anymore. Couldn’t get any worse than where it was before.


They’re optimizing him, and making sure that the potential damage output of both VTs is comparable for the resources being used. The parry is situationally better and worse.

Not downplaying btw, I think this is the best he has been in this game or a game in eons. But is he, when taken as a whole fair? I think so. Capcom in S4 made Bison at least as good as in S2.5 which was his previous peak, but achieved this with better balance instead of relying on bullshit.

Every character should be optimized.


Bison gets hate because this is the button pressing edition of SF, and Bison doesn’t let you press buttons.


With how things were worded, I’m actually expecting less characters this season. Which really wouldn’t be a bad thing, we already have a lot of characters in SFV, if they keep doling out nice buffs to the lower tier characters like they did with the 4.0 patch, having a bigger variety of viable characters would be worth much more than any new character, IMO. But hey guess we’ll see


Sounds like A2. You might have decent buttons in a game with no focus or parry, but A2 Rose can beat all your buttons with like 2 buttons.


At the end it’s like choosing which part of the same chicken you prefer to eat, no problem for me either. Sure thing I can’t talk for the regular playerbase who felt robbed by online Bisons on regular basis. They were vocal about Chun,Ryu,Nash, Cammy, Abigail and whoever bulldozed the online/offline, they could be vocal even for Bison, but again, it’s too early.


I’ll keep it 100 when im online i hate every good character I don’t use.


Adding to this Markman said on Twitter the something interesting was cooking that is fighting game related and told us to anticipate. He left it really vauge but made it seems like this could be a potential never ever title coming back. This was directly after the TWT reveals. Funnily enough Mark posted something else, I forget what it was but someone asked him if this was the “big news” he hinted at and he sorta assholeishly said no it’s not even close to what he was hinting at.


Nobody is talking about Akuma so I guess he’s dead


Because all the unloyal edgy children are tooling around with Cage.


Yeah, the problem is the playerbase POV about that,no one said, but everyone feels their character needs just buffs first. I think the FGC need a public enemy to hate on regular basis, I’m not sure if Bison is a clear top tier now, but he’s in a better spot than last year and I don’t overestimate the FGC enough about not jumping at the next good character jugular, looks like a loop. For me Cammy was strong in S3, but not the juggernaut many people described she was.


I didn’t mind Cammy at all considering launch Falke already did good vs her and I’m sure new Falke is gonna be amazing vs her. Ibuki could fight her also so yeah.


Akuma will never die, it’s like the fact tomorrow the sun will rise again. Akuma players in general need always something more than the others, they preppy, so if Kage looks like a just released and better iPhone, they want him.


Looking at Kage tech here and in the discord, niggas are gonna get him nerfed by 4.5


Sounds like Capcom isn’t scared to make a character good like S3. I hope we see a lot of Kage action at Evo Japan n’ Final Round.


Is there a Kage discord yet?