SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


He’s just tedious to play against. You have to do bad player things against him or avoid him touching you at all.

Really annoying AF to play against TBH.


Desk is at it again


Yeah i think beek posted it earlier


Losing to alex doesnt feel so bad anymore. Never considered Alex and Fang to be bottom tier like most do, but now more of us agree that these two chars are strong now.


He is not. Vt2 is really interesting.
Vt1 air fireballs got nerfed, ex DF slide got nerfed, cr.fp was nerfed (but is still good)…I really hope people will stop crying on forums.


He was the only shoto in the game until last night so people should have showed their respects.


Top tier? Anyone but grapplers.


Bison is easy to hate because of his ability to bypass the neutral with greatest of ease. being plus frames all day, the most cancerous specials and cc in the game, ex dr, ex scissors, Really high damage.
You can make ryu s1 level top tier. But he will still have to work to get in the neutral. Give him kage like damage but he’ll never be plus frames for eons. I know which one i’d rather deal with.
There are probably even worse and more insufferable (potential or buffed) top tier char to play against such as Balrog, abigail, fang, menat etc.


Stepping outside the release hype how many tools from the sfv checklist does Kage have?

-KDs that leave him point blank no matter which wake up is chosen
-3f button
-post throw oki
-Robbery vtrigger
-crush counter that yields dash in combo
-fuck neutral move
-plus on block re-pressure move
-jump arc fuckery
-neutral tools that most of the cast isn’t equipped to deal with


The only true grapplers in the game are Mika and Zangief. The others are partially zoners/brawlers and dont tend to get oki from cmd grabs.


Ok how about characters with command grabs that aren’t vega or necalli


Does Sagat have any of those things?


No and he’s decidedly mid tier. Idk where he is post patch. Im asking because people are saying Kage is really strong. If so, it seems he should check a lot of the boxes.

I should add to the list neutral tools that 90% of the cast can’t do anything about.


I am thoroughly impressed by Kage’s combos and gameplay. I hope all characters next year are this good or better.


Yeah man, I hear ya.

It feels like it is the same marketing thinking that drove the ads thing, i.e. backwards.

“FG players are a pretty suspicious and cynical lot. You know what they’d love? The ability to slap ugly ass logos all over their game for minor rewards.”

“The reveal of characters last season sure did draw a lot of excitement. We also don’t want to shoot our load too soon, or revert to silhouettes. How about we just cold drop a character and not give any more news for a bit?”

Like DJ said either they weren’t ready, or maybe they’re trying to give EVO Japan a bigger announcement (I don’t remember it getting much of anything last year). Definitely a weird ass transitional period.


bought a month of PS+ to try this out.

game still sucks.



I think Kage will be really strong once people develop real tech with him.


there are already inescapable demon setups and meaty instant crossup ex tk tatsu setups, he’s strong


Akuma players need to pull the plug when they are losing lmao.