SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


I don’t get it, can barely hear what’s being said.


Why are all your opinions trash tier


Apparently Bison isn’t a " No fun allowed " character.

I mean, maybe blocking for 3 years till Bison decide to not do a plus on block move is fun.


Yall know exactly what i meant. But since you want to be disingenuous, I meant characters that hard control neutral as soon as the announcer says “FIGHT”.

Bison has endless plus frames but he is slow and can’t force his way in without meter. There is interaction where as against Guile for example, you have to “get in” as soon as the fight starts.


Dashes range from 16 to 18 frames. He has a 17 frame move with a hitbox on it that leaves him point blank at +1,.

Tell me again how he doesn’t bully his way in?


I’m mostly referring to character personalities interactions, so yeah. The actual plot itself is, at the very best, very simplistic and an excuse for the characters to interact, through fighting and sometimes also banter.

It’s taking me a while to reply because I’ve spent the last hour checking 2B’s stuff in Soul Calibur, she’s amazing in that game.


TK EX Tatsu doesn’t hit croucher’s. Not to put a dent on Kage, he’s strong. His OH only combos meaty, and his second overhead is EX Stomp.


What’s his + on block special move? I didn’t see any. Correct me if I’m wrong. Perhaps it’s an EX?


Not DJ.


Are you referring to EX Scissors? Because I clearly said he cannot force his way in without meter.

His Psycho Axe is 18f and doesn’t reach far enough to leave him point blank at +1 unless he is already in your face.


Reaches plenty far.

Hell he can do two in a row like a frame trap.


Almost at 5k

@DevilJin_01 should name the next thread after my awesomeness


The question is whether kage is stronger than Akuma, and i think at the highest level he’s inferior. Weaker neutral being the primary reason. You can sweep/interrupt with normal or neutral jump his best neutral button which is the v skill, lack of a fireball game hurts too esp considering the stubby normals. He seems to have less options in general. And lastly seems to have Inferior normals in neutral, i mean what does he have on akuma’s cr fierce, st mk and st hp? or a dumb special like ex demon flip. Also itll be interesting how well he stacks up against shoto killer chars like rashid and bison.
This is just early impressions though, should just take it with a grain of salt.


they are making fun of the fuss chris t made that he had to get up early because the capcom cup brackets started at 8 A.M.


Its not easy to use axe as a neutral dash in. It’s mostly a repressure move after having already gotten in via dash/jump/ex dr


Cosmetic similarities aside, Kage and Akuma are running very different game plans.

I don’t know if it matters which is strictly better, because they don’t obsolete each other’s toolsets.


I mean yea i didn’t say it didn’t. But he cannot force a 50/50 until he is like 1.5 character lengths away. You have to already be decently close to really pressure with it.

Also this is an 18f button. You can check it with your own buttons. Of course he has other options too but at that point you are both playing. It’s not nearly as one dimensional as you are making it sound.


Idk. Im asking. Its like people are looking at combo videos and making their judgement. Im saying ok cool combos big damage, but does he play the sfv meta.


Gameplan is really down to the player in the case of akuma because you could play rushdown and a fireball game. It’s just a question if the primary strength of both characters is more effective in dominating games or relies less on luck.


It really is as silly as I’m making it sounds. Bison is just an exercise in tediousness. A lot of this game basically is. Look at Evo finals. ProblemX claimed tokido knew the match up and still got hit with a billion silly things. Hell he got hit by fake stuff.

Bison is probably one of those few times I’ve taken a character to training mode to figure out how he functions and gone “welp, none of that newly acquired knowledge actually helped with anything”,.


I mean nobody is saying that Bison isn’t really good or that his axe isn’t good so I’m not really sure what you are arguing. All I’m saying is that he cannot force the issue at point blank after you block an axe unless he is already close.