SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


Just hit it with a low, friend Edit: Unless in VT then I have no clue because I haven’t did any real lab work.


I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the ad costumes but im not 100%.


Also I’m going to need @Evil Canadian to put more work in because his video doesn’t pop up on youtube when I type “Evil Canadian Kage”
instead I get



So they’re flat out not doing a season pass this year. Interesting. I honestly think it’s because there will be less than 6 characters this season but I guess we’ll wait and see.


Well this is disappointing…


Boooo hisssss!!! At least we know its characterS, as in plural. Maybe just one more then? Oni aannnd… Thats it.


Attractive blonde lady, stuck in the corner

“she was asking for it”

I see how it is…


I love Capcom, but they can be so ass backwards that it hurts.


Eye candy.

The only character that rivals this sex appeal is VT1 Bison.


maybe there is so many characters that a season pass can’t contain them all and all your wildlest hopes and dreams iwll come true maybe thats whats happening don’ tyou yEVER DOUBT PAPA CAPCOM


Not doing a season pass is literally bad business sense, in that you want to get as much money from people as you can, up front, and a season pass only says you like 5 bucks in the end which is fine by them because you are still giving them more money than people not buying it as they won’t buy all the characters. Capcom has to be doing something very different to deviate from this proven successful business model.

Either that or exec’s that ok’ed this are just dumb as all hell.


Also please remember MK9 was the first game ever to have a season pass, so thanks again to the GENIUS of Ed Boon and his foresight to once again change the gaming industry.


Not selling a season pass is a terrible move. They need to come clean on how many characters they plan on releasing next year.


I think there’s going to be eight characters all sold individually and then after all the characters are release they do a bundle.


I kinda have a feeling we might not even see 6 characters this season.


This is true.


This is retarded.

They better explain this shit quickly.


As a former sf4 ibuki player I immediately noticed that kage takes things in her direction. It’s basically the nature of setplay 50/50. I’m at my best when I use low hp characters with bad neutral normals and convert my personal neutral ability into hyper strong 50/50’s

Painwheel in skullgirls was like this (shit slow, or shit short, normals and super strong mixups)

And so was sf4 ibuki.

But I tend to need at least one ok neutral poking tool. Kage has charged v skill and L red fireball and strong AA.

Ibuki had rock solid AA, cr.mk for a high priority poke and air kunai for another decent poke.

Painwheel had her j.mp and fly cancelable ground projectiles.

All have great mixups.

The fact that kage has comboable hkd WITH huge frame advantage and the fact that it takes no super meter, means how has great mixups and ways to get into his meter dump damage combos.


I guess Twin didn’t buy enough season passes to make a season 4 happen.

Rip I guess


Assuming they still have multiple characters planned, Capcom managed to figure out how to make less money off of them. Because just because you are willing to buy a Season Pass doesn’t mean that you’ll buy every character individually with real money.

My guess is still that they aren’t sure they can guarantee a specific number of characters this time, that support for new character development could be pulled at any time next year. The other reasonable alternative is that the plans are for fewer than six characters.

If they have set plans for six characters, then the only reason to switch to this approach is if they for some strange reason believe Season Passes were making them less money than they’d make otherwise. I don’t see the logic in that, but Capcom’s logic isn’t always logical anyway.

If they have set plans for more than six characters, then they could just do a regular six-person Season Pass followed by a “Bonus” pass for the extras. Or they could instead sell a “mega” eight-person Pass or whatever; people buying the six person pass would still buy a more expensive eight person Pass.

If they have set plans for fewer than six characters, they might not have wanted to reveal that information, because it implies Capcom’s support is ending next year. While their non-information approach has lead to similar speculation, Capcom might not have realized what the response would be. Or Capcom felt it would still be better to remain silent, and are only speaking now because people were saying that they weren’t going to buy Kage until they knew whether he was going to be in a Pass, and because people were starting to speculate if Kage was the final character to be released at all.