SFV Lounge: Lupe please comeback! DevilJin moving to Mortal Kombat 11


Just like the new thread awaits, the new season awaits. Can’t just make an arcade cab and stop the season now.


Like let me stress this enough. The concept of the season pass to begin with, exists to milk as much money from people as possible. Its only through a cruel twist of fate that turns out people actually like it and go along with it and the companies can laugh on into the night.

To not do a season pass, means you are going for either a wildly different business strategy, or someone on high is so ignorant to think the people who buy the season pass will buy every character seperately so they can get that 5 bucks “discount” back.

So prepare for either innovation, or corporate buffoonery with absolutely no inbetween.


Either that or Scorpion.


Jeah this is definitely weird, maybe Capcom is ditching season passes because, like in game ads, they have found a new NEW way to revolutionize DLC purchases.


PHEW, thought I almost got jew’d out of my 6 bucks…wait a minute…

“Season 4” characters will be released for “FM only”
And they know FM is hard to farm/come by
so instead of releasing a package of all characters for a set price
They’ll just release each character for 6 bucks each time OH VEY
if you don’t want to pay 6 bucks don’t worry we’ll have FM Booster packs for 2.99 :^) :^) :^)


Well they better hire Ed Boon then cause he started the original revolution to begin with.


I’m guessing they probably don’t believe season passes are worth doing at this point. If not that, they probably think individual releases are better off going forward. Personally speaking, I don’t think the individual releases are a good idea, as I can see more people skipping over characters.


If they do make you buy everyone separate which is a very bad business move i still will because I an a consumer whore and so are all of you, don’t even try to front don’t even try to pretend.


Forget X-kira, I’m pretty sure you’re the real leaker with this


F.Champ bought 100’s of dollars in DLC


Well if there’s no season pass that means I don’t have to pay @Darc_Requiem for losing that bet


Most video games make the majority of their money within a small window after release. Maybe that’s what Capcom is thinking. The Hype of a new reveal, leading to impulse purchases.

Capcom released their last 3 characters a day after their reveal (G, Sagat, Kage), and people got hype. Remember with Cody, his release was a month after his reveal trailer, which kinda killed the reveal hype. You could literally hear people saying “what? June 22nd?”, when he was shown.

Without a season pass there’s no deadline, no expectations. They can drop a character whenever they want.

This whole “you can play the new character now/tomorrow” thing might be the new strategy. Even Tekken did it with Marduk and Armor King.


That makes the most sense out of anything. They’ve seen the insane reception this ploy has gotten the last few months so they turn it into their new business strategy. It’s probably a really short-sighted strategy but at the same time I can’t imagine they feel SFV is going to get financial support for so much longer that it’ll matter.


… The fuck is this shit?
What the hell Capcom?


I take it that they’re winding down on content for sf5.
Monster Hunter sold well and doesn’t have to have big tournaments and all that money going into it. I know they said 2020 but it’s really hard to imagine them still dropping new characters a year and a half from now. The real question is how is the esports thing working out for them financially.


I’d argue with SFV hitting arcades, it’s time to live has only begun!


There’s no numbers, but the CPT makes money and is profitable. So its working.


Well me and my old weakness have rekindled a flame. Memorizing meaties and set play (Kage.)

Also I think I need a new fight stick entirely yo. If I get shaku one more time whne going for axe kick. I know I can’t blame my fight stick, it’s a clutch execution thing that I need to smoov out but overall my stick is done for minus the actual joystick.

Oh yeah.

Wake up light into VT Demon hahahhahahahahahaha


“We currently have no plans…”

Currently being the key word. I expect them to reveal a season pass later next year.


Stop doing this to yourself. STOP IT.